Rejuvenative Foods Kim Chi Line: Fresh, Living, and Raw

Santa Cruz, CA – The “buzz” about the health benefits of “raw food” include energy, clear complexion, and digestive and nervous system support…to name a few. Now comes a line of leading-edge Kim-Chi products that provide a twist on the Korean cultured vegetable tradition.

Rejuvenative Foods announces their line of certified organic, naturally cultured (fermented), completely raw Kim Chi products. The unique line is a leading-edge addition to the profitable raw foods category at retail level. The products contain naturally occurring lactobacilli and other beneficial probiotics; live enzymes; vitamins; minerals; and amino acids. The line introduces five unique varieties: Celtic Sea Salted, Caraway, Fresh-Spicy; Sea Vegetable Garden, and Salt-Free. Rejuvenative Foods is the first and only company to offer Kim-Chi in Salt-Free and Sea Vegetable varieties. 12 to case. Suggested Retail: $9.00.

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