Reliance Private Label Supplements opens new facility

Edison, NJ  (February 7, 2012)-- Reliance Private Label Supplements has moved into its new state-of-the-art, Eco-Friendly facility, which exceeds 90,000 square feet and houses the entire private label, contract manufacturing and branded operation.

Reliance now has more capacity by blending all aspects of manufacturing and packaging with new powder filling lines, tableting and encapsulation equipment. Brands are manufactured in new Class 10,000 Clean Rooms, which exceed industry standards for air quality and moisture control. 

Productforms the company can provide include tablets, capsules, powders, and any product requiring low moisture environments such as probiotics, SAME, and effervescents. The facility boasts enhanced state-of-the-art environmental control. The “best in industry” dust collection system and climate control maintains humidity levels below 45%, regardless of external conditions.  This provides a perfect environment to produce sensitive products and maximize stability for products like probiotics, with no interruptions in production during periods of high humidity.  Reliance believes they are the only private label manufacturer to invest in this level of control.

In-house testing capabilities now include FTNIR (near infrared), HPLC, Atomic Absorption, Titration, moisture, water activity, and microbiological, with gas chromatography and ICP-MS to be installed in the next few months. 


Addressing the concern that store brand labels often look “home made,” the company invested in a new KODAK NEXPRESS, typically used by commercial printers, to produce labels, marketing materials, and sales collateral materials, giving retailers a store brand that visually competes with national brands.


While investing in the new facility to raise the level of quality for private label products, Reliance kept in mind the need to invest in the environment.  Rather than build a new building, Reliance refurbished an existing building.The vintage brick building has excellent insulation qualities.The walls and ceiling have a significant amount of glass and plastic that allows natural light into the entire warehouse and manufacturing area to minimize burning electricity.The new climate control system is the most energy efficient system on the market, up to 40% more energy efficient than standard HVAC systems.  It features an Energy Recovery System, has MERV air filtration, is LEEDS compliant and does not use hydrochloroflurocarbons, so does not deplete the ozone layer. Reliance also has an in-house recycling program, and utilizes award winning, environmentally-sound packing materials.  


About Reliance Private Label Supplements

Reliance is a family run company started by health food retailers over 35 years ago. It is the only contract manufacturer of private label products or branded products to provide and regularly use:

·      Over 50 patented and trademarked ingredients,

·      European standardized extracts,

·      Independent analysis of finished products, and

·      Open disclosure of ingredientsources.  


Reliance Private Label Supplements

3775 Park Avenue

Edison, NJ  08820


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