Renaissance Herbs Launches New Look for Ayurceutics Brand

Chatsworth, CA--Ayurceutics, a product line of high potency Ayurvedic herbal supplements, launches newly redesigned labels. The new look has a stronger presence on the shelf and communicates its quality, potency and efficacy clearly and persuasively to the consumer.

Key changes include:

• Branded names replaced with easily recognizable herbal names.

• Structure/Function claims made more prominent.

• A Highest Potency claim, along with standardization information, appears boldly at the top of all labels.

• The Ayurceutics logo now appears in a custom copper metallic foil on a clean, white background.

"We strengthened and simplified what was already a strong foundation," said Dan Mishkind, Principal of Pure Design Co. LLC, the design firm retained by Ayurceutics for the packaging redesign. "Now the Ayurceutics line really jumps off the shelf."

National Sales Manager, Ken Seguine states, “We see this as a natural evolution for our premium brand. As a manufacturer, we know the quality of the ingredients inside the bottle. A good-looking label and presentation helps consumers to identify Ayurceutics as a top-quantity product.”

Renaissance Herbs, Inc.

Ken Seguine
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 800.994.2987

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