Research Breakthrough in Arthritis: Natural Product Activates Gene to Regenerate Human Cartilage

Raleigh, NC. (March 29,2006) – Scientists at Case Western Reserve University and Albany Medical College have revealed a breakthrough in managing arthritis and joint damage. Published in BioMed Central’s BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine, a natural product combination called Reparagen, has been shown to activate a critical repair gene, IGF-1, in human cartilage while blocking joint destruction associated with inflammation. IGF-1 is well known to promote the growth of new cartilage and repair joints.

Research was supported by a Small Business Innovation Research Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIA, R43 AG024773-01). Reparagen’s unique actions represent a new direction in the treatment of joint dysfunction with numerous benefits over current approaches.

Mark J.S. Miller, Ph.D., M.B.A., Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences and Pediatrics at Albany Medical College (NY), was lead author on the study. Dr. Miller said, “Reparagen offers the medical community something it has sorely needed. Now for the first time it is possible that joint damage from arthritis may not only be stopped but actually reversed”.

Preliminary data was presented at the World Congress of Inflammation in Melbourne, Australia and the combined meeting of the British Society for Immunology and British Inflammation Research Association in Harrogate, UK. BioMed Central is Open Access and the article can be downloaded for free at

Dr. Kelly Upcott, N.D., founder of Origins Naturopathic Clinic, has noted that in her clinical experience “Reparagen improves joint mobility and function within days, improving the quality of life of many of my patients, whereas glucosamine may take months to be effective”. Reparagen is now commercially available in Canada and the USA.

Rainforest Nutritionals, Inc. Vice President Paul Bobrowski emphasized that, “This research and its associated NIH Innovation award clearly sets Reparagen apart in the joint health market.” Elaborating Bobrowski said “It offers a unique, effective and rapid approach to managing joint pain, dysfunction and stiffness”.

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