Research Indicates That AFS' Patented Calcium D-Glucarate Regulates Hormone Levels

AUSTIN, Texas--Aug. 13, 2002--Applied Food Sciences, LLC (AFS(TM)) announced that supplementing with its patented Calcium D-Glucarate (CDG) improves androgen/estrogen balance.

As demonstrated in numerous research studies as well as publications such as FLEX (February 2002) and Muscle and Fitness (April 2002), CDG maintains healthy estrogen levels safely.

An overproduction of estrogen, either naturally or through hormone replacement therapy, can occur when the body's hormonal regulatory mechanisms are not functioning correctly. This dysfunction is generally due to an overburden of toxins in the body or caused by things such as excess stress, overexertion and strenuous exercise. Rising, unchecked estrogen levels can cause overactive estrogen-sensitive tissues, such as the skin, breast, prostate and ovaries. Additionally, elevated beta glucuronidase enzyme activity has been associated with the level of hormone receptors that control the amount of estrogen, progesterone and other sex related hormones in the body. Once estrogen molecules have performed their cellular mission they are carried to the liver, deactivated and eventually excreted. However, beta glucuronidase reactivates some of this estrogen. This recycled estrogen amounts to as much as 30% of the available estrogen in the body, resulting in excess.

"The scientific evidence supports the mechanisms by which CDG works to control and inhibit beta glucuronidase enzyme activity, thus reducing the amount of active estrogen reabsorbed back into the bloodstream," stated Chris Fields, Technical Director for AFS. "This further assists the body with hormone balance and regulation through excess estrogen elimination."

Thomas J. Slaga, Ph.D., Director of Research at The AMC Cancer Research Center in Denver, Colo., explains, "CDG is about eliminating excess levels of steroids and sterols, and balancing the androgen to estrogen ratio. It's about keeping the system between the lines, so to speak, hormonally, metabolically, etc."

According to Sean Traci, President and COO of AFS, "The research evidence supporting CDG's ability to remove toxins and balance our hormone levels is very compelling and extensive. Some of the top research institutions in the world have contributed to this case. We are very excited to finally have this data organized for individuals to review and evaluate for themselves the hormone balancing effects of CDG in a safe and non-toxic manner."

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Applied Food Sciences, LLC (AFS(TM)), based in Austin, Texas, is a company focused on the development and supply of specialized proprietary technologies such as dietary supplement ingredients, food and beverage processing technologies and functional ingredients for food and beverages. AFS is the synergy of BioChemix, Inc. and Oncology Sciences Corporation (OSC(TM)), both of Austin, Texas. Currently AFS is most well known for its patented CDG(TM) (Calcium D-Glucarate), Preventium(R) (Potassium Hydrogen Glucarate) and its coffee antioxidant enhancement technology. CDG is a patented dietary supplement ingredient that is sold in bulk to more than 50 companies, such as GNC, Rexall, EAS, Weider Nutrition International, Twin Lab, Enzymatic Therapy and Natrol. The coffee antioxidant enhancement technology, which has been featured in USA Today, Parade, Prevention and Newsweek, is a technology to be applied by traditional coffee roasters that can yield greater than 100% more polyphenol antioxidants in a cup of brewed coffee.

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