Resource Maxima Responds to Allegations

Responding to allegations from Oasis LifeSciences, Resource Maxima, a dietary supplement company, in Colorado Springs, Colorado challenges the allegations of trademark infringement, unfair competition, misappropriation of business value, and patent infringement made by Oasis, with the following comments:

The company has been falsely accused.

The Ageless Forever juice concentrate that is in question is a formulation owned by SOE Trading, and manufactured in the United States. The formulation is very different from the Korean made Ageless Xtra Formula. SOE, former manufacturer for Oasis, introduced Oasis to their SOE formulation which ultimately ended up as Ageless Xtra, an anti aging juice blend with various nutrients. SOE continues to own the formulation and no longer manufacturers the Ageless products for Oasis.

Oasis informed SOE in late May that they no longer wanted to use SOE or SOE’s formulation to make the product. Oasis has since rejected SOE’s offer to obtain the formulation that SOE created. In June, 2005, SOE offered their anti-aging formulation to Resource Maxima. SOE informed Resource Maxima that they (SOE) had the right to sell the product/formula to anyone since SOE owned the formula.

Resource Maxima in now marketing SOE’s original formula, very different from the Korean made Oasis formulation.

Resource Maxima has been, “Touching people with something good”, for the past 10 years with their nutritional products. For more information, please contact Resource Maxima at 1-800-379-2521 or

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