Respect Foods to exhibit at Expo East

Respect Foods to exhibit at Expo East

Respect Foods is attending the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD on September 22 and 23. Respect Natural is changing the game in the meatless food industry with their great tasting, natural, and affordable food.


Respect Foods is bringing their best to the dinner table for people who care about the food they eat. Respect Foods is excited about the upcoming participation in the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Maryland. Its founder, Ken Hartman, is attending the trade show to discuss opportunities with existing partners and to make new acquaintances with like-minded companies.

Many people choose to live healthier lives today by carefully choosing healthier food. However, no one wants to sacrifice great taste in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Respect Foods makes premium quality frozen meatless food products in their Respect Natural™ brand that taste great. Respect Natural™ Meatless frozen food consists of a line-up of three veggie burgers, veggie nuggets, veggie meatballs and even a delectable veggie pot pie. Popularity is gaining with people who wish to reduce their meat consumption as well as those who have chosen a stricter vegetarian lifestyle.

People can trust Respect Natural™ Meatless food. Each product contains the best natural ingredients and care is taken to avoid preservatives and chemicals. Respect Natural™ food is more nutritious than most other vegetarian food brands. The company closely monitors and limits fat, sugar and sodium in its frozen food recipes. Many frozen vegetarian products are manufactured and pre-cooked in a fryer. In comparison, Respect Natural™ Meatless food is baked, not fried, in our production facilities.

All Respect Natural™ food products are offered at affordable prices, so that natural food can be enjoyed by everyone. The company is currently presenting its portfolio of products to supercenters, supermarkets and specialty grocery stores for retail placement early in 2012. Interested retailers are encouraged to contact Ken Hartman, Founder, directly. They also request Facebook users to become a Fan on Facebook at

For additional information, contact Cindy Bode or visit Respect Foods, LLC has no affiliation with Natural Products Expo East.

About Respect Foods:

Respect Foods is creating new natural premium quality frozen food products in its Respect Natural™ brand. Respect Foods is pricing its food to be affordable so that everyone can enjoy natural food. Respect Foods believes that nutritious food should taste great. Early in 2012, consumers can find Respect Natural™ Meatless frozen food products in their grocer’s vegetarian freezer sections.


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