Resveratrol2010-Conference is Only One Month Away

The First International Scientific Conference of Resveratrol and Health will take place in Denmark from 13th to 16th of September 2010. Resveratrol2010 brings together the leading scientists globally for the purpose to collect and summarize the last year’s scientific work in the area of resveratrol. The expected outcome is a selection of reports with the latest update in the area of resveratrol research globally and a recommendation for the direction for coming year’s scientific research. These reports will be published by the New York Academy of Sciences as on issue of the Annals of the New YorkAcademy of Science.

Resveratrol2010 is clearly a scientific-conference but also the main industry players will be present. During the three conference days, all the participants will be at the same location and this will give many possibilities for networking.

Visit for the program and to register on-line for the most important resveratrol-event of the year!

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