Revolutionary Anti-Aging Product Launched By Oasis Wellness Network

Broomfield, CO – March 18, 2003 – Oasis Wellness Network, one of the world’s leading anti-aging natural products companies, announced the launch of Ageless™, a revolutionary new product that can dramatically affect the way people view and experience aging. Unveiled at the company’s annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona on March 14, Ageless™ is a unique anti-aging formula that maximizes the synergy of four patented and proprietary compounds designed to provide powerful nutritional support for enhanced energy, stress management and increased comfort as the body ages.

The product comprises a unique combination of novel and patented natural compounds such as Energetix™, a proprietary 3-Ginseng combination that supports energy production, which includes Heavenly Ginseng™, a high-potency ginseng extract. The product also contains Serenix™, an exclusive natural plant extract that helps reduce stress and maintain a healthy mood and positive outlook. Collectively, these ingredients help contribute to an overall feeling of well-being.

Stephen Cherniske, Oasis’ president and chief scientific officer, said, “Chronological aging is inevitable; degeneration is not. Ageless™ is designed to be the first full-spectrum response to the aging process, offering people of all ages the chance to promote energy, support memory and reduce stress.”

The product also contains Protectin™, an exclusive, clinically tested herbal complex that helps protect the body from weardown and teardown and helps control the discomforts of aging. Ageless™ also contains Maxcell™, a patented aloe-based compound designed to facilitate the absorption of critical nutrients into the bloodstream. By using an advanced micro processing technique and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, the ingredients used in Ageless™ are reduced to very fine particles, providing an exceptional nutrient delivery system for absorption and digestibility. Combined with an assortment of other supporting natural ingredients and based on clinical trial results, Ageless™ offers consumers a product with unparalleled anti-aging benefits.

Products are available only through a local Oasis Associate. If you are interested in locating an Associate near you, call 303-464-5100.

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About Oasis Wellness Network
Oasis Wellness Network (, the world’s leading anti-aging company, is committed to helping people “feel younger longer.” Part of a global “ECONET” family of companies committed to the betterment of mankind, Oasis is dedicated to carrying out scientific research and development of innovative and natural products that promote quality of life. Oasis is the only natural products company—perhaps in the world—with full-scale genomic, proteomic and biological research capabilities that produce a unique, efficacious line of anti-aging products. Years ahead of the competition in unmatched and advanced research, technology and manufacturing capabilities, Oasis delivers what no other company can with proprietary and exclusive products such as Ageless™, RegeniCARE™, MetaBerry™, MetaGreens™, Aloe Gold™, Longevity Signal Formula™ and Inthinity™. Oasis…Feel Younger Longer!

Media Contact:
Susan Westfall, Principal
Westfall Communications

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