Revolutionary New Diet and Lifestyle Book Dispels Myths Concerning Fad Diets, Carbs and Calories

Columbus, Ohio, August 5, 2005—A new book entitled “The Way” provides common sense approaches to diet and lifestyle habits, written by world-renowned preventive cardiologist and former Mayo Clinic researcher and professor, John A. Rumberger, PhD, MD, FACC. This book would not be classified as a typical diet book; instead, it is a lifestyle guide that details how to eat, exercise, and manage stress for a longer, healthier, and happier life. Dr. Rumberger delves into other topics besides diet to reveal the secrets of heart-healthy, reduced-stress living that he has recommended to his patients for years. Unlike fad diet books that profess quick weight loss, entail expensive diet regimens, or require one to count carbs or calories, “The Way” is an easy-to-follow program with delicious recipes that can be incorporated for life.

In his book as well as during lectures, Dr. Rumberger explains that there are several key lifestyle factors that lay the foundation for health. He advocates exercise, a balanced mental state, and the Mediterranean diet—not a diet per se, but a term that encompasses the eating practices of the people in this region. It includes a high consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, olive oil, fish, and complex carbohydrates, and low to moderate consumption of dairy products, fish, poultry, eggs, and very little red meat. Wine is consumed in moderate amounts, as well. This information was presented by Dr. Rumberger at the National Nutritional Foods Association Annual Natural Products Convention in Las Vegas, NV, in a presentation sponsored by Soft Gel Technologies, Inc®. During this standing room-only event, he shared that these basic tenets of health are also natural therapies for Metabolic Syndrome and inflammation. Dr. Rumberger also mentioned that dietary supplements, such as omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil and a solubilized coenzyme Q10 sold as CoQsol-CF™, are beneficial for these health conditions.

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