Revolutionary New Disposal System Now Available To North American Food Service Industry

Restaurant and food service operators require practical methods for disposal of organic food waste that are cost-effective, sanitary and kind to our environment. Increasing disposal costs and reduced landfill capacity are making novel disposal methods more important than ever.

Introducing Bio-X2, a revolutionary new organic disposal system from Comax Environment. Bio-X2 is a patent-protected system that decomposes a wide variety of solid organic wastes into harmless and odorless liquids safely and naturally. Having a compact design that requires minimal space, this fully-automated easy-to-use system is an absolute necessity for any foodservice operator that is committed to driving down garbage collection and removal costs, and at the same time making its premises more sanitary and environmentally sound. Made from high-quality stainless steel and available in four sizes to meet various disposal capacity requirements, these units are already in operation in a number of bakeries, restaurants and supermarkets in the U.S. Clients are raving about the cost-savings and operational improvements made possible by Bio-X2.

New York-based Organic Disposal Solutions Inc. is making the Bio-X2 system available to the U.S. and Canadian food service market. Michael Crane, CEO of M2 Formulex Inc. (a business development services firm working with Organic Disposal Solutions to develop the North American market for Bio-X2) states "I have been involved at various levels in the food manufacturing and foodservice industry for over 30 years. During this time, I have been a witness to many introductions that claim to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies for food industry operators. Bio-X2 is a true innovation. It is easy to use and maintain, requires minimal space, has a direct benefit for our environment and provides a very attractive return on investment for food manufacturing and food service operators. It really is something you need to see to believe. Initial industry response to the system has been overwhelming."

For additional information on Bio-X2, and to view a short video on the system - complete with client testimonials - please contact Michael Crane (in the USA) at 1-718-381-4495 or [email protected], or Steve Johnston (M2 Formulex Inc.'s Canadian office) at 905-760-1176, Ext. 223 or [email protected].

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