A Revolutionary Product Line For Lalco Laboratory’s 50 Years

Nature and science in balance to enhance health benefits.

Montreal, November 6, 2002 – On the eve of its 50th anniversary, Lalco Laboratory is revolutionizing the natural products industry and launching a line of truly innovative products under the BioZen brand name. Designed and developed by Advitech Solutions Inc., a Quebec biotechnology company, BioZen is the result of a perfect blend of science and nature. A new generation of biotechnological foods, whose health benefits are scientifically recognized, the BioZen product line marks a tremendous advance in the field of nutraceutics (nutrients + pharmaceutical).

“BioZen is health through balance. The BioZen products were conceived with a view of satisfying an ever-growing demand by consumers conscious of the adverse effects of the hectic pace of modern-day life and of the environment on their health. People are increasingly looking to return to a more natural lifestyle: eating healthier, coping with their stress and reaching a certain balance to maintain a healthier lifestyle. The BioZen products are an amalgam of all these properties”, said Mr. Jean-Pierre Veilleux, President of Lalco Laboratory. “Moreover, they clearly distance themselves from the competition given that they are scientifically supported by research conducted by Advitech Solutions”, concluded Mr. Veilleux.

Conceived in order to provide the human body with the nutritional elements needed to overcome the stresses of every day life, the BioZen product line draws its strength from that very food product which is the source of all human life: milk. “The peptides contained in milk’s natural proteins are recognized, among other properties, for their beneficial bioactive role as antioxidizing agents, stimulators of the immune system and stress inhibitors. Produced solely from protein, therefore fat and lactose free, BioZen products offer us the very best in milk,” said Dr. Paul Paquin, Advisor, Scientific Affairs for Advitech Solutions Inc.

The BioZen offering is comprised of six complementary products: BioZen Relax, BioZen Immuno, BioZen Cardio, BioZen Osteo, BioZen Glyco, and BioZen Probio, that focus on targeted systems of the organism such as the nervous system, the immune system, the cardiovascular functions, bone mineralization, glucose metabolism and intestinal flora.

About Lalco Laboratory
Founded in 1954, Lalco Laboratory offers high-quality para-pharmaceutical products. With a portfolio of more than 150 products under its brand name, Lalco Laboratory is recognized for its know-how and its exhaustive experience in vitamins, herbal teas, nutritional supplements, phytotherapy and a range of other natural products. Its products are sold Canadawide and some are exported to Italy, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan. Lalco Laboratory and its staff are totally ommitted to providing the market with a range of high-quality natural products, comprehensive and comprehensible information for the general public and a solid support system for healthcare professionals.

About Advitech Solutions Inc.
In business for over five years, Advitech Solutions Inc. is a Quebec company in the biotechnology field specializing in the research and commercialization of bioactive peptides, a field in which its expertise is unmatched. Advitech Solutions is supported by a team of world-renowned researchers and its own R&D department with a staff of 15 contributes through its expertise to the development of unique and innovative nutraceutical solutions.


Source : André Desjardins, M. Sc.
Director of Marketing
Lalco Laboratory

Information : Carole Gaudette / Sylvie Piché
BDDS I Weber Shandwick
Tél. : (514) 393-1180

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