RIASOL LLC announces over 400 ingredients, synthetic peptides

RIASOL LLC - The GLobal Nature House - announces 380 nutraceutical ingredients, 170 R&D specific molecules, 40 Synthetic Peptides, 60 herbal extracts, 30 Biological ingredients. RIASOL LLC in its relentless pursual of becoming the COMPLETE Global Nature House is offering nutraceutical ingredients- competitively priced, Excellent documented quality - and what differs RIASOL - in the shortest lead time. RIASOL LLC, as Global Nature House specializes in offering nutraceutical ingredients, Contract manufacturing in its 5 units, customized Formulations. RIASOL wants brand products do what they are best at - Marketing and Distribution - While the rest can be left confidently to RIASOL LLC, with its expertise in manpower, manufacturing and making formulations. For a fax copy of ingredients: Contact - [email protected] Sub: Ingredients List For Contract Manufacturing Contact - [email protected] Sub: Contract manufacturing Dept. Let RIASOL LLC take care of your Ingredient Requirements.

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