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Ribbon Nutrition Kicks off Bright Idea Campaign to Give Away 50,000 Free CFL Bulbs this Year

(Decatur, GA) – Ribbon Nutrition, the supplement company created to help fund non-profit organizations in the fight against Breast Cancer, announced today a campaign to give away 50,000 free CFL bulbs in 2007. The connection between a light bulb and supplements may not seem obvious, and that is exactly what the company is counting on.

Kicking off just in time for celebrations and awareness surrounding Earth Day 2007, the Bright Idea campaign’s specific goals are to help prevent thirty million pounds of harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere—each CFL bulb helps prevent approximately 600 pounds of harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere as compared to a typical incandescent bulb--and to educate consumers about the significant connection between their health and the health of the planet.
Ribbon Nutrition’s Bright Idea campaign was designed by Ribbon Nutrition in partnership with the non-profit organizations Pink Penguin Press ( <> ) and Foundation ( <> ). This unique partnership was created not only to offer consumers a value-added promotion, but primarily to call attention to the significant connections between the health of the planet and our health as individuals, particularly in relation to diseases such as Breast Cancer. The unusual pairing of a CFL bulb with vitamins and supplements is intended to raise the eyebrows of retailers and consumers alike and provoke the question, “What does a light bulb have to do with my health?” Through resources such as Pink Penguin Press’ inPink Magazine, Foundation’s consumer database and website, and Ribbon Nutrition’s consumer literature and in-store education programs, the participating organizations will offer consumers a wealth of information about simple, practical ways they can make a huge difference in their own health while protecting the health of the planet.
For more information about the Bright Idea campaign, contact Stephen Hennessy at 404-441-6683.

About CFL Bulbs. If every American home replaced just one incandescent bulb with a CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulb, the pollution reduction would be equal to taking nearly ONE MILLION cars off the road and we would save enough energy to light nearly 2.5 million homes for a year. Other important facts:
1. CFL Bulbs use about 25% of the energy of a typical incandescent bulb and last up to 10 times longer.
2. Provide a cost savings to the consumer of $40-$50 over the bulb’s lifetime.
3. Generate 70 percent less heat, so they’re safer to operate and can cut energy costs associated with home cooling.

About Ribbon Nutrition

Founded in 2005 by Jim Powers and Stephen Hennessy, Ribbon Nutrition’s mission is to help fight Breast Cancer through a message of prevention, empowerment, and education. Ribbon Nutrition offers a complete selection of vitamin, mineral, digestive, herbal, and specialty supplements for the whole family. All Ribbon Nutrition products are manufactured to the strictest quality standards and feature the highest quality ingredients available. Ribbon Nutrition offers their products at health food stores nationwide as well as on-line. They donate up to 10% of the total revenue from the sale of the products and, with their Million Dollar Flip campaign, have pledged to display their products upside-down until they have raised five million dollars for their non-profit partners. Learn more at <> .

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