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RIBUS® Certified Organic Breakthrough Rice Bran Technology

St. Louis, MO - RIBUS uses rice, the oldest cultivated crop in the world, to create their state-of-the-art ingredients. Today, the 12-year-old family-founded company is taking their inherently natural ingredients to a new level by now offering them as both Organically Certified and NOP compliant. Steve Peirce, President of the company, is committed to the natural and organic industry: he has hired specialized staff.

“Our unique, patented ingredients are functional ingredients that the food industry uses to address specific production challenges,” explains Peirce, whose background is business and agriculture economics. “Ten years ago, I attended a Natural Products Trade Expo and gained respect for this dedicated group of manufacturers. It became obvious that organic producers needed ingredients that could provide functionality and enhance manufacturing efficiencies. To that end, RIBUS pursued organic certification over 4 to 5 years for its full product line. Now, my dedication is to making RIBUS a dominant ingredient supplier to this important, multi-faceted industry.”

RIBUS applies its patented enzymatic technology to the nutrient-rich bran to produce certified organic ingredients. These ingredients have the capability of accomplishing what only chemically derived and synthetic ingredients have been able to offer, to date. The results are groundbreaking ingredients with far-reaching possibilities in various food categories like baking, pasta and cereal. The company also has developed a specific ingredient for cosmetics and personal care products.

The RIBUS technology produces a fine, rice bran extract in powder form that is soluble in water and easily mixes with all other ingredients. The company’s branded products: Nu-RICE®, Nu-BAKE® and Oryza-Mul™ have many applications to provide more functionality options than rice bran.

RIBUS branded ingredients are considered “functional” because the fats, proteins and carbohydrates remain intact through the patented enzymatic process. As a result of the stabilization process the shelf life of these functional components are greatly extended from a few days to over a year.

Nu-RICE is a processing aid for the production of cereals, pasta and snacks, as well as a lecithin replacer in many applications. Nu-BAKE serves as a dough conditioner and volumizer, while improving both shelf and freezer life. Both ingredients have important implications in the low-carb and functional food categories. Oryza-Mul, the newest ingredient in the RIBUS line, is targeted for personal care and cosmetic products. Its’ hypoallergenic and emulsification capabilities enable the retention and translocation of moisture into the skin.

“In an age of strong consumer demand for natural food products and clean label requirements, RIBUS provides functional ingredients that can eliminate the need for chemical additives, conditioners and stabilizers,” explains Peirce. These attributes have a far-reaching impact on the categories of natural and organic.

Additionally, RIBUS continues to explore, seek out and assist food manufacturers in other countries to use the patented technology to maximize domestic grain. This decreases their need for imported grain while improving productivity, functionality, texture, shelf life and the cost of their products.

Peirce is the winner of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Innovator of the Year 1994 (food category) and SBA’s 2003 Exporter Of The Year, St. Louis region. RIBUS looks to supply additional categories to include: beverages, nutraceuticals and supplements to their existing markets in the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world.

The products are Certified Organic, NOP compliant, Kosher, and Non-GMO. Halal certification available upon request. Sales Contact: [email protected] or call 314-727-4287.

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