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Rice bran revolutionizes modern nutrition

Remarkable advancements in the processing of rice bran, the world's most potent superfood, have given food science a dramatic leap forward. Rice is the most consumed staple on earth, and the primary food source for 70% of the world's population. But for thousands of years the bran, which contains a rice kernel's most valuable nutrients, has been discarded. Key breakthroughs now enable the conversion of rice bran into an economically viable food, virtually revolutionizing modern nutrition, with potentially huge implications for healthcare and world hunger.

Rice bran is the most nutrient-dense food ever tested, and a powerful source of over one dozen important vitamins and minerals, as well as essential amino acids and fatty acids, CoQ10, hypoallergenic nutritional fiber, more than 120 known antioxidants, and one of the most potent sources of phytonutrients in any food known.

Rice bran, the nutrient-rich outer layer, contains more than 67% of the total nutrition of rice, and accounts for 10% of the brown rice kernel. But an enzyme that renders the bran rancid within hours of milling necessitated the removal of it from the brown rice kernel, totaling 60 million metric tons worldwide of a wasted resource each year.

Patty McPeak, a pioneer in the field of nutraceuticals, working in conjunction with the U.S.D.A., perfected a proprietary technology to preserve the outer layer of the brown rice kernel. The result is "stabilized" rice bran, a whole food that has been documented in multiple clinical trials to have therapeutic effects in the management of blood glucose levels and cardiovascular risk factors.

In her research, McPeak also recognized that while stabilized rice bran is a powerhouse of nutrition, it's difficult for the body to breakdown and absorb the nutrients. So she developed a revolutionary non-chemical process that allows for maximum absorption, making the nutrients much more bio-available than regular stabilized rice bran.

"Soluble stabilized rice bran improves everyone's health, and has the potential to dramatically increase the world's food supply," said McPeak.

She has since founded NanaCea, a company dedicated to finding and sharing wellness solutions, and the maker of stabilized rice bran products, including Patty McPeak 24/7 and Patty McPeak Manna. They're available at, or through major health & wellness online retailers.

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