Robert Forbes & Associates Web Site Named Most Outstanding Website in Australia

The web site for Robert Forbes and Associates (RFA), the Sydney, Australia-based regulatory affairs and GMP consulting firm for complementary, OTC medicine, cosmetic, food and supplement industry companies, has received the Most Outstanding Web Site of the Year award for 2008 from the Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia (CHC).

The award, presented to Robert Forbes, RFA founder and president, by Wendy Morrow, CHC president, was given in recognition of the excellence of the RFA web site. The award recognizes the complementary healthcare products industry’s best web site based on functionality, creativity and relevance of content and branding.

The RFA web site is an innovative, up-to-date and easy to navigate site. It gives visitors updates on the latest regulatory news relating to the complementary and OTC medicine, cosmetic and food industries.

The site showcases a world-first on-line vitamin converter, developed by RFA. Simply enter the amount of vitamin and the calculator converts it into IU or enter the amount of sodium ascorbate and it will convert it into the amount of ascorbic acid or thiamine nitrate to thiamine, as well as many other conversions. Mineral equivalence charts, charts detailing product claims and appropriate levels of evidence, as well as a summary of permitted claims for products classified as listed complementary medicines are also included.

The RFA site is updated as news happens and contains the latest information, as well the firm’s Current Affairs newsletters featuring past and current technical and regulatory information past and present can be sourced as required. The site also includes a list of the latest conferences, meetings and courses that pertain to the Australian health marketplace.

Forbes is also vice president of the Consultants Association for the Natural Products Industry (, the leading US-based consultants group that promotes education and ethical standards for the improvement of manufacturing, distribution, marketing and advertising to help the supplement and food industries develop safe and beneficial products for business-to-business and consumer marketplaces.

RFA represents numerous U.S. supplement manufacturers in Australia, submitting applications for complementary medicines (dietary supplements) to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and providing advice on formulation, labeling and other mandatory requirements for supplying products in Australia and
New Zealand.

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