Robinson Pharma Inc. Completes 7 Figure Laboratory Investment

January 22, 2010- Santa Ana, CA- Robinson Pharma Inc., (RPI) announced that it successfully completed a million dollar expansion, rebuild, and refit of its in-house analytical laboratories. The expanded laboratories included significant investments in state-of-the-art analytical equipment and added a number of full time positions to the quality and analytical teams.

RPIs expanded business volume and the requirements of daily operations under the new dietary supplement cGMPs have increased internal demand for identity, purity, and potency testing of ingredients and finished products. RPI’s commitment to quality mandated a significant strategic investment in laboratory infrastructure. While RPI still makes extensive use of third party laboratories for specialty analysis – the company has elected to bring more of the analytical work in-house.

RPI president and founder, Tuong Nguyen stated, “The new FDA rules raised the bar on quality making manufacturers accountable under federal law for identity, purity, and potency of ingredients. We saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate our continued commitment to constant process improvement and world class quality. This past year we invested in growing our laboratories and our quality assurance and analytical teams. These investments have already allowed us to operate more effectively in an increasingly demanding quality environment. RPI is committed to our total quality program and we will continue to invest in systems and personnel to support our goal of providing the industry with the most effective contract manufacturing and private label services available.”

“This investment allows RPI to process a wider array of ingredients more rapidly – speeding the time from ingredient receipt on our dock and placement in quarantine – to release for production and processing. The new infrastructure also decreases the wait time from completion of production to release for shipment.” stated Kenn Israel, Vice President of Marketing. “The new lab is also much ‘greener’, as it takes advantage of new analytical technologies that require a small fraction of the solvents used in traditional analytical equipment.” The expansion included the purchase of four new Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatographs (UPLC) machines. The new chromatographs augment the chromatography department by processing samples much more rapidly while using significantly smaller quantities of acetonitrile, the primary solvent used in LC analysis. RPI also added new High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) machines, a High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) lab, additional Gas Chromatography resources, and an expanded microbiological lab.

Robinson Pharma Inc. (RPI) is a minority owned, Southern California based, drug licensed, full service provider of private label, store brand, and contract manufacturing services for dietary supplements. RPI features the largest soft gel encapsulation capacity in the U.S. with 22 continuous dry encapsulation lines capable of producing over 12 billion soft gels per year. Production capabilities include tablet compression, capsule filling, enteric coating of soft gels and tablets, custom imprinting, and a range of packaging options including bottles, blister packaging, boxing, and bulk product. Additional services include product development and ingredient sourcing. Robinson Pharma Inc. provides rapid turnaround on all projects and offers highly competitive pricing. Robinson Pharma Inc. maintains 400,000 square feet of production, operations, and warehousing facilities. For more information please email [email protected], phone (714) 241-0235 or visit

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