Robinson Pharma receives quality certification again

For the third consecutive year Robinson Pharma Inc. has earned the coveted confirmation of compliance with the STR RQP standard of manufacturing.

This is the third consecutive year that Robinson Pharma Inc. has earned the coveted confirmation of compliance with the STR RQP standard of manufacturing. “While we are proud of this accomplishment as a company, and I am personally appreciative of the fine work of our dedicated team, this certification is a reflection of our internal standards and our routine operations. The fact that we meet cGMP standard should not be considered remarkable. This said, we are thrilled that a reputable and authoritative third party has found us to be in conformance” stated Tuong Nguyen, CEO and Founder of the 22 year old firm that is a leader in soft gel capsule production.

The STR RQP audit is a rigorous, multi-day, in-depth inquiry into all aspects of facilities, production practices, staff training and qualifications, and ingredient and finished product testing and standards. STR offers independent, third party auditing services to assure compliance in the food, pharmaceutical, medical device, and dietary supplement manufacturing industries. As a key supplier of private label dietary supplements to prominent mass market retailers, Robinson Pharma Inc is required to demonstrate compliance with cGMP standards as outlined in 21 CFR Part 111 thru the successful completion of the STR RQP audit process.

“The STR RQP certification is key part of our active program to demonstrate compliance with the federal regulation and assure that our facilities, people, and practices produce a product that can is pure, potent, and properly identified” stated Kenn Israel, Vice President of Marketing. “The RQP and other third party audits such as NPA cGMP certification assure that our internal programs and standards are objectively validated by a qualified third party. Our customers depend on us for a safe, accurately manufactured, and properly labeled products, that are produced in full compliance with the cGMP standard.”

The CEO of Robinson Pharma has a standing mandate that the company engage in a program of continuous improvement and constant elevation of standards. The results of this “quality focused always’ doctrine have contributed to the company consistently passing audits and gaining certifications and approvals from a number of leading domestic third party certifiers. Robinson Pharma will continue its endeavors in gaining additional third party certifications for quality operations in the coming year as a means of supporting its robust business growth.

Robinson Pharma Inc. (RPI) is a minority owned, Southern California based, drug licensed, full service provider of private label, store brand, and contract manufacturing services for dietary supplements. RPI features the largest soft gel encapsulation capacity in the U.S. with 22 continuous dry encapsulation lines capable of producing over 12 billion soft gels per year. Production capabilities include tablet compression, capsule filling, enteric coating of soft gels and tablets, custom imprinting, and a range of packaging options including bottles, blister packaging boxing, and bulk product. Additional services include product development and ingredient sourcing. Robinson Pharma Inc. provides rapid turnaround on all projects and offers highly competitive pricing. Robinson Pharma Inc. maintains 400,000 square feet of production, operations, and warehousing facilities. For more information please email [email protected], Phone (714) 241-0235 or visit

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