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Roche Vitamins Can Help Beverage Developers Take Their Profits to the 'Xtreme' with Fruit Drinks Fortified for Pre-Teens

(June 16, 2002) – Roche Vitamins Inc., the worldwide leader in nutritional ingredients for healthful foods and beverages, has developed several innovative beverage prototypes that contain important nutrients and are targeted specifically at children. Roche is eager to work with beverage manufacturers in creating and bringing to market new beverage ideas that can deliver outstanding profit potential by meeting the taste demands of children while also addressing growing numbers of “gatekeeper” moms who are more concerned than ever about the balanced nutrition their kids receive.

Among the beverage concepts Roche has developed is a delicious fruit smoothie called “Xtreme Orange.” In addition to containing 30% orange juice, this exciting new drink is vitamin fortified to promote strong bodies and energy by providing 9 essential nutrients for maximum performance. “Xtreme Orange” is aimed at pre-teen children who can often be fickle about the kinds of beverages they will drink. With its great taste, “Xtreme Orange” is highly appealing to pre-teens. At the same time, because it’s fortified with important nutrients that kids in that age group need, “Xtreme Orange” satisfies the demands of nurturing mothers who are reading nutrition labels more carefully to make certain their adolescent children are getting the right healthy ingredients for growing and highly active young bodies.

“Xtreme Orange” is the result of a strategic collaboration between Roche Vitamins and two other industry leaders. The partnership is called “One Solution” and it combines the unparalleled fortification expertise of Roche Vitamins with the innovative flavoring resources of Givaudan, and the liquid packaging and product-protection capabilities of Tetra Pak. In addition to “Xtreme Orange,” the “One Solution” partnership has created a comprehensive range of other nutritionally fortified beverages, each designed to appeal to a specific consumer group – including women in several different age categories, as well as both men and women, and children as young as 4 years of age.

Each of the beverage concepts created by “One Solution” is based on extensive consumer research conducted by HealthFocus® and sponsored by Roche Vitamins. Through this research, key feedback has been gained to pinpoint exactly what health issues are most important to consumers and precisely which kinds of nutrients today’s health-minded consumers are seeking in the beverages they buy.

For further information about how beverage manufacturers can utilize the research Roche has compiled along with the product development resources of “One Solution” to create profitable fortified beverages of their own, please contact Roche Vitamins Inc. at 45 Waterview Boulevard, Parsippany, New Jersey, 07054-1298. Phone: 1-800-526-0189, ext. 8185. Fax: 973-257-8675.
E-mail: [email protected]. Website:

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