Ronastar® Sparks – The Sparkling Collection evolves

Following the launch of the Ronastar® brand of effect pigments in 2004, Merck KGaA have now expanded the innovative range with the introduction of four new interference pigments and one new silver-white for cosmetic and personal care products. The pigments exhibit attractive properties such as; high brilliance and gloss, high transparency, multi-colour sparkling effects. The slightly smaller particle size of Ronastar® Silver gives a smooth, pleasant skin feel.

The new creations are easily incorporated into all cosmetic applications including; emulsions, powders, gels, sticks, anhydrous creams, as well as in nail lacquers. Intense sparkling effects can be achieved with very small amounts of the Ronastar® Sparks range making these products undeniably efficient.

Ronastar® Aqua Sparks
Combining vibrant colours derived from the sea this addition demonstrates outstanding luster.

Ronastar® Green Sparks
Displays a dominant, fresh, green colour with warm red and yellow-green multicolour effects, contributing to the blazing sparkle this pigment presents.

Ronastar® Purple Sparks
A unique addition to the Ronastar® line of sparkling interference pigments, the Purple Sparks is enhanced by red, blue-green and violet glitter.

Ronastar® Red Sparks
With a highly shimmering appearance the Red combines a radiant multicolour glitter effect with distinctive colour travel.

Ronastar® Silver
The combination of incredible silver-white lustre, good light stability and smaller particle size allows Ronastar® Silver to be incorporated in a broad range of colour cosmetics, skincare and toiletry applications giving intense and vibrant visual effects and good skin feel. Compatibility with DHA allows its use to visually enhance self-tanning products.

The substrate, Calcium Aluminium Borosilicate forms the basis of the Ronastar® family, this unique thin, smooth and uniform platelet allows the development of new and improved pearlescent effects. Varying particle sizes result in glossy, shimmering and high sparkle effects. Additionally, coatings of metal oxides at different layer thicknesses generate diverse colour properties. Each new creation offers new dimensions of brilliance for cosmetic and personal care formulations.

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