Rousselot to showcase innovation at Food Ingredients Europe 2011

Rousselot to showcase innovation at Food Ingredients Europe 2011

Rousselot, producer of gelatine and collagen peptides, is participating in the next FIE tradeshow held in Paris from November 29th to December 1st.

Rousselot will be presenting a comprehensive range of gelatines and collagen peptides as well as practical applications to illustrate all the functional capabilities of these ingredients.

Rousselot® Gelatine: an ingredient solution that facilitates formulation
A versatile and unmatched ingredient, Rousselot® Gelatine offers multiple functionalities that make it irreplaceable in many food applications. A true "ingredient solution," it facilitates innovation. This will be illustrated with two new types of candy: Tof'Gums™ flavored toffee gummies, and new grained deposited marshmallows, Earl Grey or grapefruit flavor, which offer a longer shelf-life than traditional deposited marshmallows.

Rousselot® Healthy Choice
Gelatine helps reformulate healthier products whilst maintaining taste and texture, and examples of snacks and desserts will be available on the Rousselot stand. As an example, the "Carla Brownie" made with hydrolyzed Rousselot gelatine is reduced in sugar and fat and has 34% less calories than regular brownies. Protein-enriched instant soups will also be presented on the stand.

Peptan™ collagen peptides for functional foods
Peptan™ collagen peptides are enjoying growing worldwide success. Scientific studies have demonstrated that this bioactive ingredient contributes to maintaining healthy bones and joints and helps prevent osteopenia and osteoarthritis. Clinical studies have also demonstrated the moisturizing and anti-aging effect of Peptan™ in beauty applications for the skin.

Rousselot's expertise at e Conference
At 9:30 am on Thursday December 1st, Paul Stevens, Rousselot Technical Support and Laboratory Applications Director will host a conference on Solving the technical problems associated with "free from”.

About Rousselot®:Part of VION N.V. (N.L.), Rousselot® is the leading manufacturer of gelatine and collagen peptides to the food, pharmaceutical and technical industries. With a staff of 2,400 people, the company benefits from a global sales and production network of 12 plants and 10 sales offices located in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

VION N.V.:VION N.V. is an internationally operating food group that produces high-quality foods and ingredients for humans and animals. The company consists of two internationally operating divisions: VION Ingredients, and VION Food. VION has an annual turnover of more than € 9 billion and provides employment for 27,000 people worldwide. The VION head office is in Son, the Netherlands.

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