The Royal Art of Thai Fruit and Vegetable Sculpture Graces Colorado!

Boulder, Colorado (January 7, 2004) Chef Krongjit ‘Kacie’ Chatuparisoot is deeply passionate about her traditional Thai culinary arts – enough so to start her own business, De Royale, LLC, in Boulder, Colorado. After being trained by the head chefs of the Royal Palaces of Thailand, Kacie is offering to her clients the elegant art of Fruit and Vegetable Sculpture, one of the highest forms of art in Thailand reserved only for the King and royal family.

“This exquisite art has been practiced in Thailand, my native country, since 1346. I apprenticed and trained with Ajarn Kae-Saluk, a culinary master who was in service exclusively to the King of Thailand,” says Kacie. She offers these beautiful centerpiece arrangements (including edible ones!) for weddings, banquets, receptions and corporate events by appointment. Adds Kacie, “Today very few people are trained to become masters in this ancient court art, even in modern Thailand. I have been studying since age 10 and now I want to bring this elegance, this refinement to the United States.” Besides private party bookings, Chef Kacie offers classes in the Thai art of carving along with Thai cooking. In addition, Ms. Chatuparisoot makes appearances demonstrating her art at wine and food festivals across the state. According to Terri L. Sears, an award-winning chef and culinary professional, “Krongjit is rapidly becoming renowned for her abilities in the Denver/Vail area. I know no one who is not amazed by her skills.”

To her business, Kacie has added additional talents that offer brides, party hostesses and event planners a full range of top notch services for their special events. Zen Style Flower Arrangement is another such service of De Royale LLC. “I use the five elements, Fire/Heaven, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood as the basis for my floral arrangements,” explains Kacie. According to Zen style and in keeping with the art of Feng Shui, Chef Chatuparisoot’s creations bring harmony, peace and prosperity to the environment. She specializes in tropical flowers and orchid arrangements. To top it all off, Kacie applies her royal talents to soap where she combines both carving and painting to make beautiful, individualized flowers. Offers Kacie, “The soap sculptures take a delicate hand and a bit of time but they make the most beautiful bridesmaid and hostess gifts that you can imagine!” The soap flowers are available for purchase in different flower styles in heart shaped displays.

Ms. Chatuparisoot will be making appearances at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show (January 4th), the Boettcher Mansion’s Bridal Showcase (January 11th) and the Great Bridal Expo (April 4th) all in the greater Denver metro area.


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