Rushmore Essentials launches REvive and REvitalize

Rushmore Essentials launches REvive and REvitalize

Rushmore Essentials’ RE blend of nutritional fruit juices and purees are targeted to promote stamina and focus.

Rushmore Essentials has launched REvive and REvitalize, healthier alternatives to energy shots with 21 superfruits. 

Rushmore Essentials’ RE for delicious, natural focus and stamina is a blend of proven nutritional fruit juices and purees like dark sweet cherry, blueberry, maqui berry, sea buckthorn, prickly pear, pomegranate, goji berry, mangosteen, blackberry, elderberry and yumberry. RE provides hours of stamina and focus from nutrition, and powerful protection from antioxidants.

REvive for a convenient, anytime, anywhere you need it natural vitality is a 2.5 oz. shot. REvitalize in a 32 oz bottle contains 16 days of pure REjuvenation and powerful antioxidant protection.



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