Russian Grain Purveyor PAVA Touts Benefits of “Zhitnitsa” Flour

Being the largest producer of bakery and confectionery products in Primorie territory, "Vladhleb" bread bakery introduced PAVA’s protein and vitamin rich flour "Zhitnitsa" into its production. "Zhitnitsa" is used in the production of bread as a standalone product, as well as mixed with graded flour. Introduction into production of this unique product became possible after grain processor PAVA received production standard for bread, cakes and biscuits made with this protein and vitamin rich flour. It performed well in bakeries as an additional component within the therapeutic and prophylactic range of bread products and as a standalone product making room for the extension of the product line.

Bread baking technologists expressed their interest in "Zhitnitsa” flour after OJSC PAVA’s Director for Quality Natalia Ermakova held a master-class session at the production facility. "Flour is a traditional product and bread baking technologists are rather reluctant to innovations, which are rare on this market. In order to prove our words we had to hold a lot of presentations and master-class sessions. All this turned out to be effective", she said. According to Natalia, the bakers’ interest in “Zhitnitsa” flour can be explained by the increased product yield which results from good water absorption properties as well as by competitive price, high vitamin content and well-balanced amino acid content.

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