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Ruth’s Hemp Foods Gains National Distribution

TORONTO (September 7, 2005) Ruth’s Hemp Foods (, pioneers in the hemp foods industry, has partnered with United Natural Foods (UNFI) to make hemp food widely available throughout the United States.

The new agreement will see 16 hemp products including hemp bars, shelled hemp seed and hemp protein powder distributed through UNFI’s six warehouses in New Oxford, Pa., Greenwood, Ind., Chesterfield, N.H., Iowa City, Iowa, Atlanta, and Dayville, Conn. Ruth’s Hemp Foods are already in distribution on the West Coast through UNFI and other distributors.

UNFI is the largest distributor of health food products in the Unites States, servicing both the mass market and health food stores, including Whole Foods Markets.

“We are thrilled to gain so much distribution on the East Coast and in the Midwest. This new distribution will enable more Americans to benefit from the nutritional goodness of hemp,” said Ruth Shamai, president of Toronto-based Ruth’s Hemp Foods. “Hemp is nutritional powerhouse packed inside a tiny seed. And it tastes great!”

Hemp is gaining attention for its superior nutrition as well as its delicious, nutty flavor. Hemp seed is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as complete protein and fiber.

Shamai, a recognized industry expert and researcher on hemp issues, is convinced that once Americans understand the significant nutritional value of hemp, the market – estimated by industry insiders to reach $350 million in 2005 – will explode. She is expecting her company’s sales to grow two to three times in 2006, based on ever-growing interest in the products and new, increased distribution.

Products that will be stocked in the UNFI East warehouses include:

  • HempPower™ bars – Chocolate Raspberry, Cranberry Almond, Cranberry Trail, Mocha Java and Peanut Butter Banana
  • FlaxPower™ bars – CranNut, Tropical and VeryBerry
  • NEW MacaPower™ bars – Ginger Almond, Lemon Hazelnut and Chocolate Ginger
  • SoftHemp™ – certified organic shelled hemp seed
  • Hemp Protein Power – certified organic Hemp Protein with Sprouted Flax, and Hemp Protein with Sprouted Flax & Maca

Ruth’s three Hemp Protein Power blends are expected to be available at all Whole Foods Markets in the mid-Atlantic region by October.

A pioneer of hemp food in North America, Ruth’s Hemp Foods is the most extensive line of hemp food available. It uses the hemp seed as a signature ingredient to make innovative and nutritious products that are packed with essential fatty acids and rich in protein. Ruth’s Hemp Foods contain no GMOs, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, artificial preservatives, fillers and colors.

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