Sabinsa Protects IP Position on SupplySide East Trade Show Floor

Sabinsa Corporation, a pioneer in the introduction of Ayurvedic herbal extracts into the US market, presented a Temporary Restraining Order at the SuuplySide nutritional ingredients show in New Jersey this week, after appearing before a New Jersey district Court Judge to plead its patent infringement case.

Sabinsa alleged that one of the show participants, Alchem International, Ltd. was infringing Sabinsa's patents for its coleus forskohlii extract and piperine extract from black pepper.

The judge granted the restraining order until June 17th, which included specifically prohibiting : sale, advertising, promotion, display or mention of the products at Supplyside East.

According to Mark Sysler, Senior Executive Vice-President of Sabinsa, the only way to take action against this particular company was at the show itself, since this would be the only time they actually conducted operations in the US, and was intended to prevent the continued infringement of Sabinsa's patent position.

In the long term, Sysler added, "our objective is to make the industry recognize the importance of Intellectual Property, and that it is everyone's responsibility to respect the rights of those who invest to provide new products."

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