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Sabinsa Secures Patent for Bioperine(R) in Canada

Latest Efforts Underscore Importance of Intellectual Property Protection

PISCATAWAY, N.J., August 6, 2007 - Sabinsa Corporation today announced that it has secured a patent in Canada for its branded ingredient Bioperine(R), a standardized piperine composition derived from black pepper extract. Patent #2,247,467 protects the use of piperine as a bioavailability enhancer and affirms that Bioperine is the only black pepper extract that can legally be used in nutritional supplements for the purpose of enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients in Canada.

"The Canadian patent for Bioperine represents over 10 years of concerted and sustained effort, and we are particularly pleased with the successful outcome," stated Vladimir Badmaev, M.D., Ph.D., vice president of scientific and medical affairs, Sabinsa Corporation. "With a Japanese patent recently secured and U.S. and European patents in place, we continue our efforts to protect the clinically tested benefits of our invention against potential infringement."

In addition to securing a patent for Bioperine in Canada, Sabinsa Corporation's U.S. Patent 5,972,382 for Bioperine received a formal review from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which concluded that all points outlined were valid for "Use of piperine as a bioavailability enhancer." For more information on Bioperine visit

Sabinsa Corporation, founded in 1988, is a manufacturer and supplier of herbal extracts, cosmeceuticals, minerals and specialty fine chemicals. Sabinsa's mission is to provide alternative and complementary natural products for human nutrition and well-being. Over the past nine years, Sabinsa has brought to market more than 50 standardized botanical extracts and privately funded several clinical studies in conjunction with prestigious institutions in support of these products. With more than 100 scientists working full time conducting ongoing research both in India and the United States, Sabinsa continues to develop and patent phytonutrients for the world market. All products intended for human consumption are certified Kosher. For more information visit
Bioperine(R) is a Registered Trademark and a product of Sabinsa Corp., and its use is protected under U.S. Patent Nos. 5,536,506, 5,744,161, 5,972,382, and 6,054,585; European Patent No. EP0810868; Japanese Patent No. 3953513; Canadian Patent No. 2,247,467; and International Patents pending.

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