Saffron Road rolls out 7 new products before Ramadan

Saffron Road rolls out 7 new products before Ramadan

Halal food company continues its rapid expansion with new chickpea snacks and frozen phyllo pastry appetizers right before Ramadan.

With Saffron Road’s now-proven national success with its 23 current products, seven new Saffron Road items will be rolled out nationally in Whole Foods Markets stores between July and August 2012, just in time for Ramadan. These new products will be both frozen and shelf stable—Saffron Road is really rocking the Kasbah in 2012!

American Halal Management decided that the time for chickpea has come—enter Saffron Road’s new chickpea snacks. Chickpea snacks are not only an excellent way to build on hummus’ amazing growth, but also appeal to natural food consumers because of their highly nutritious qualities such as high protein and low fat content. These new shelf-stable chickpea snack product flavors are: Bombay Spice, Wasabi, Falafel and Chipotle. Please Note the following characteristics of these salty snacks:

  • 100 percent organic chickpeas
  • Nutritious snacking – 1 oz serving contains 6 g protein, 4 g dietary fiber and 3 g fat
  • World Cuisine flavors will underline universal appeal
  • Colorful packaging pops off the shelf, secures premium position; resealable pouch.
  • Breakage not a factor
  • Shelf-stable (i.e., non-refrigerated)

For the freezer section, Saffron Road will be rolling out premium phyllo pastry appetizers in time for Ramadan. These new epicurean hors d’oeuvres are: Vegetable Samosas, Saag Paneer Samosas, Roasted Fig & Goat Cheese Rolls, and Dates, Tamarind & Walnut Rolls. Please note the following characteristics of these gourmet appetizers that leverage the culinary excellence of Saffron Road’s brand positioning:

  • Appetizers are especially important for Ramadan/Eid due to high user incidence; Ramadan = 30 snacking occasions
  • New innovative flavor concepts not available in Whole Foods Market competitors: Date & Tamarind, Saag Paneer. These epicurean delights also have excellent appeal with our target demographic.
  • Competitively priced against other premium appetizers
  • Handmade, 100 percent natural, non-GMO (not yet certified)

Adnan Durrani, CEO, commented, “Our innovative social networking clout has tapped into more than 7 million American Muslim consumers' shopping decisions. Last Ramadan we got thousands of Halal consumers to shop at Whole Foods Market for the first time. This Ramadan we hope to have a multifold increase in terms of drawing multiple thousands of Halal consumers into Whole Foods stores as a destination store for all their needs. This positions American Halal extremely well in terms of Saffron Road brand extension throughout a number of aisles of Whole Foods Market stores.”

Jack Acree, executive vice president, commented, “This launch is the perfect example of our aggressive business model. While continuing to find gaps in the frozen category, we are also excited to be growing our brand presence throughout the entire store, especially in high-volume categories.”

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