SafSlim targets reduction of belly fat

SafSlim targets reduction of belly fat

ReBody announced the introduction of SafSlim, a revolutionary breakthrough in targeted belly fat science. SafSlim, powered by SAFActive78, is whipped into a delicious, creamy fusion and available in tangerine cream and berry cream flavors.

ReBody just announced the introduction of SafSlim™ , a revolutionary breakthrough in targeted belly fat science. Based on an Ohio State University 16-week, double-blind controlled study, high-linoleic safflower oil, the main ingredient in SafSlim™, reduced belly fat in 55 overweight, diabetic and post-menopausal women by up to 9.4 percent, or six times more than the leading omega oil. It also increased adiponectin by 20 percent.

“Belly fat is the most dangerous of all fats,” said Rob Maru, nutritionist and Vice President of Innovation for ReBody. “It secretes inflammatory cytokines that affect our vital organs’ ability to function. If we reduce belly fat, it improves the whole body’s health.”

Maru explained that high-linoleic safflower oil is unique because it was proven in the Ohio State study to specifically target the dangerous, health-threatening omentum (belly) fat that accumulates in the belly region and around organs. It also raised the levels of adiponectin, the vital hormone that helps enhance the metabolism of fats and improve insulin sensitivity.

“Safflower oil turns on the adiponectin hormone directly linked to insulin resistance.” Maru said. “If people are in an insulin resistant, metabolic state, they have a very difficult time losing belly fat.”

ReBody sources the very best, high-linoleic safflower oil that is 100% natural, non-GMO, and expeller processed, versus traditional solvent extraction that uses harsh chemicals. A patented delivery system puts the oil through an emulsification process that results in a better-assimilated and absorbable form of the oil.

“The body needs to emulsify fats before it can make use of the fatty acids. Our technology does the work for the body, making it easy to digest and take daily. It also allows for a creamy thick texture and delicious taste,” Maru said.

SafSlim, ™ powered by SAFActive78™, is whipped into a delicious, creamy fusion and available in tangerine cream and berry cream flavors. Easy and fun to take, SafSlim™is 100%natural and free of artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors.

SafSlim™ is available at fine health food and vitamin retail shops around the world, including GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe, as well as online at For more information about ReBody and SafSlim™, call 855-4RE-BODY or visit

ReBody, a subsidiary of Reserveage Organics, is dedicated to developing scientifically based, all natural nutritional and weight management supplements that help prevent illness and disease and contribute to total wellness. SafSlim™ by ReBody is the first, revolutionary, science-based solution that specifically targets unsightly and dangerous omentum (belly) fat.

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