Salba Corp., North America Appoints Core Naturals Exclusive Distributor for Salba® in the U.S.

Effective June 1, 2009, Salba Corp., N.A. announces that it has granted Florida-based Core Naturals, LLC the exclusive license to distribute Salba® in the United States. No other manufacturers, either currently on the market or in product development phase, are authorized to sell products bearing the “Salba”, “Salba Smart”, or “Salba Life” trademarks.

“Salba Corp. N.A. chose Core Naturals as the exclusive distributor because of its staunch dedication to providing the highest quality evidence-based nutraceutical products on the market,” says Larry Brown, President of Salba Corp., North America. “Core Naturals has proven itself through its hard work in not only bringing Salba to the U.S. consumer but also to making sure that all statements regarding efficacy, quality and nutritional value are substantiated with science.”

This important designation means that both retailers and loyal customers are assured of purchasing only genuine Salba products.

“Core Naturals is thrilled to have the distinction of being the exclusive distributor for Salba,” says Mitch Propster, CEO of Core Naturals. “We are dedicated to partnering with agronomic teams who maintain the strictest growing standards to ensure premium quality harvest. And, together with a highly-regarded scientific leadership team, we have invested several intense years of cutting-edge agronomic technique and clinical research to validate the amazing benefits of Salba.”

Salba Corp., N.A. and Core Naturals encourage members of the trade or consumers who have questions or concerns of authenticity to call 1-416-915-4166.

About Core Naturals, LLC

Core Naturals is dedicated to the discovery of science-based raw materials, botanicals and ingredients from around the world, and, using proprietary formulas, to developing these ingredients into premium products for the nutrition, nutraceuticals and functional food markets. The company blends a deep regard for ancient/lost nutritional treasures with the latest technological advancements to bring extraordinary products to market. Core Naturals is dedicated to supporting sustainable harvesting practices and farming communities, and to utilizing manufacturing technologies that are environmentally sound.

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