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Saratoga Supplements Announces First Retail Launch

ISO-OPC combines potent antioxidants for immune system support

SARATOGA, NY – In a move to increase consumer access to its best-selling internet antioxidant product, ISO-OPC, and to support independent health products retailers nationwide, Pat Baker, founder and CEO of Saratoga Supplements has announced the company is officially launching the high-potency oligomeric proanthocyanidin supplement into retail stores.

“We have enjoyed several years of tremendous success, building consumer trust and relationships, and have an enviable percentage of repeat purchases,” Baker says. “We are confident that Saratoga Supplements and its retail launch of ISO-OPC will help draw loyal and new traffic into independent health products stores.”

ISO-OPC, available in a full three-month supply, is distinctive in that it combines the full-spectrum potencies of high-OPC sources, such as pine bark, grape seed extract and red wine extract. According to Baker, the grape seed extract is the superior source of OPCs, containing 92% of active ingredients over pine bark's 84% of active OPC ingredients. The red wine extract contains flavonoids called leucocyanidins from the skin of red grapes. Leucocyanidins are bioflavonoids with powerful antioxidant properties crucial to their role in supporting the circulatory system.

ISO-OPC also contains the extra antioxidant support of vitamins C and E, plus bilberry and citrus extracts, which are known to have effects of vision and histamine release, respectively. “This powerful formula is delivered in the body the way nature intended it to be - in an isotonic solution that maximizes absorption,” explains Baker. ISO-OPC also has a pleasant natural grape flavor, is a vegetarian product, and mixes instantly when added to water. Baker recommends that ISO-OPC be taken on an empty stomach for the fastest, most effective delivery of the active ingredients.

ISO-OPC from Saratoga Supplements if available in a three-month, 90 scoop supply (one scoop per day provides a full 180 mg of OPCs per serving); MSRP is $39.95. A smaller, 30-day supply is $20.95 MSRP.

About Saratoga Supplements
Nestled in the famous quaint town of Saratoga, New York, Saratoga Supplements was founded to provide American consumers with effective dietary supplements backed by science, to support a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Saratoga Supplements was founded by Pat Baker, who took his health into his own hands after being diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Crediting improvement and well-being to an OPC supplement, Baker created his company to afford consumers the power of commanding their own health. Saratoga Supplements uses facilities that adhere to cGMP standards. All ingredients have a COA (certificate of analysis) and every element of the company’s products have a chain of custody from start to finish.

Pat Baker
(518) 280-4663

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