Saskatchewan Conference Features Growers, Researchers, Processors and Investors

On June 17, the Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association (SHSA) membership will meet with the province’s industry for its third annual Research/Processing/ Funders Update Day at the Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon.

The theme of the conference is “Focus on Crops and Products for Enhanced Health: Linking Research and Processing from the Shelf to the Field.” The conference will feature 35 speakers from industry, funding agencies, processors and researchers.

The event will feature presentations from the processing side outlining capacities as well as current and future capabilities, including Infra Ready Products Ltd., the Prairie Agriculture Machinery Institute (PAMI), Mid-Northern, the POS Pilot Plant, Prairie Plant Systems.

Representing the research community will be NRC/PBI, the Irrigation Diversification Centre in Outlook, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Saskatoon Research Centre and Scott Research Centre, the U of Saskatchewan Crop Development Centre, the U of S Departments of Plant Science, Agriculture Engineering, Medicine and Pharmacy. Research topics will range from component identification and use to overcoming growing challenges.

“Industry will provide an overview of the activities that are underway, and will also discuss their potential research and processing needs,” ,” says Connie Kehler, SHSA Executive
Director. “Funding agencies will also present their funding programs, and we’ll have a representative of the National Health Products Directorate of Health Canada from Ottawa, who will speak about their new funding program with the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR)."

Presentations will also be made by IRAP, Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food and the Saskatchewan Trade Export Partnership (STEP). High priority will be given to technology transfer, in keeping with the association’s mandate. The SHSA anticipates an attendance of 150 at the conference, including growers, processors, researchers, industry, investors and government officials.

More information is available by calling the Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association at 1-306-694-4622 or emailing: [email protected] .

The SHSA website also offers details:

About the Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association (SHSA)

The Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association (SHSA) is an industry-driven association working to build a viable herb and spice industry in Saskatchewan. The association, founded 13 years ago, has a membership which includes growers, processors and researchers; it has now expanded to 300 members, the majority of whom are from Saskatchewan, with a smaller number from across Canada and around the world.

The organization presents the many facets of Saskatchewan’s herb and spice industry, including medicinal herbs and plants; spice crops such as coriander, cumin, caraway, fenugreek, dill and borage; culinary herbs; and wildcrafting (the harvesting of plants in the wild). Saskatchewan’s climate, with its intense sunshine, and excellent soil conditions are conducive to growing a very wide range of plants.

The SHSA benefits its members by promoting good agricultural practices and has produced a new herb and spice production manual which provides comprehensive agronomic coverage of 42 herbs and spices. The 300-page manual is offered to members at a special reduced rate. SHSA also promotes and sells books and manuals about the industry and is presently working with Health Canada Natural Health Product Directorate on the new regulations for Natural Health Products.

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