Saskatechewan Nutraceutical Network Praised by Leading International Periodical

(Saskatoon, Canada): Saskatoon is at the top of the list! Once again! This time, it’s in the Nutraceutical and Functional foods industry. And this time, it’s a global leadership position.

According to a study highlighted in January 2002 in “New Nutrition Business”, the Saskatchewan Nutraceutical Network (SNN) was identified as, according to the industry periodical, "... probably the world leader among ... ‘networks’ ... examined, especially in the context of its modest government funding and in its focus on working with smaller companies".

The SNN was further lauded by “New Nutrition Business” for its role in “forging exciting new agendas and ‘models’ for functional foods/ nutraceutical centers". Overall, SNN was placed in the top four industry development organizations worldwide.

According to Kelley Fitzpatrick, SNN’s President, “We are very pleased and proud of this assessment of the SNN! Our industry is recognized worldwide for its solid innovation and high quality products. It is gratifying that the SNN can play a role in the development of this exciting sector. We wish to acknowledge the Agri-Food Innovation Fund, a joint program of the federal and provincial governments for their support of the industry through the funding of the SNN”.

The strong showing by the industry association, on a global basis, is being aided and abetted on a couple fronts, on a local and national basis. The Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority has created a new partnership with SNN, with one express purpose - position Saskatoon as the nutraceutical and functional foods capital of Canada. The partnership will focus on industry training, growing local nutraceutical and functional food companies, and on investment attraction. A SREDA Industry Advisory Council has been established to involve the industry, suppliers and supporters in advancing the local sector.

At a federal level, the National Research Council has also recognized Saskatoon as Canada’s leading nutraceutical research cluster. The federal research agency recently announced that will allocate $110 M expand six technology cluster sites across the country over the next 3 years. Saskatoon’s Plant Biotechnology Institute was chosen as the national headquarters for the development of crops for enhanced human health.

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For more information contact:

Kelley Fitzpatrick, President
Saskatchewan Nutraceutical Network
Phone: (306) 652-2783

Dale Botting, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (306) 664-0720

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