Save R&D Time and Money with “in-between” Scale Equipment - POS Features 'in-between' Capacities

Do you have limited resources or want to produce a small quantity of product?

Now you can save money, produce just the right amount of material, and accelerate product development by using an “in-between scale” of processing equipment. The equipment is available for contract research at POS Pilot Plant and its unique capacity allows clients to conduct investigations that emulate industrial practice - but on a scale that falls between the lab and pilot plant.

Its advantages include:

1. Fewer Resources: advantage over pilot plant scale. You’ll need less starting material, less manpower to operate the equipment, and less time to complete each run translating to reduced logistics, warehousing requirements, equipment operation and maintenance personnel, and increased flexibility for project scheduling. Benefit: Reduced costs and accelerated product development.

2. Ease of Scalability: advantage over lab scale. Your project is readily scalable when conducted on this equipment because the operating procedures and parameters emulates industrial practices. Benefit: Fewer steps, reduced time and costs.

Imagine the possibilities…
You are a plant breeder. Your test plots yield a limited quantity of material and now you don’t need to wait until the next crop year to acquire enough starting material for trials.

You develop ingredients for nutraceuticals. You want to produce small quantities of high-value components for further research but don’t want to purchase and transport large quantities of starting material just to feed the equipment. This scale is perfect.

You are an entrepreneur with limited resources. You can use this equipment to keep costs down while producing a reliable proof of concept. You can proceed quickly without capital outlay.

Applications include food, nutraceuticals & functional foods, fats, oils & lipids/oilseeds, cereals, protein, fibre, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fine chemicals, animal feed.

This equipment can be used for a wide range of materials, including fats, oils, and lipids, botanicals, grains, cereals, legumes, marine and many other bio-based materials.

• RBD Technologies - Refining, Bleaching & Deodorizing System.
Capacity: 20 kg/8 hrs.
• Crown Iron Works – Shallow Bed Solvent Extractor with Desolventizer.
Capacity: 5 – 10 kg/hr.
• Industrial Filter & Pump - Pressure Leaf Filter. Capacity: 4 L.
• Thar Technologies - Supercritical Fluid Extractor. Capacity: 1 – 5 litres.
• CPC – Centrifugal Partitioning Chromatography. Capacity: up to 20 grams/batch
• Millipore – Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration System. Capacity: 5 – 50 litres/8 hrs.
• Flaking Mill. Capacity: 5 kg/hr.
• Gusta Screw Press. Capacity: 5 kg/hr.

Soon to be added:
• De Smet Rosedowns – Mini 200 Screw Press (cold press)
• Microfluidics – Microfluidizer
• Westfalia Decanter Centrifuge.

For more information, contact:
Mr. Robert E. Morgan, President & CEO
e-mail: [email protected]
tel. (306) 978-2847
Dr. Paul Fedec, Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs
e-mail: [email protected]
tel. (306) 978-2845
web site:

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