Schiff's MegaRed(R) Omega-3 Krill Oil Grows In Popularity as the Premier Alternative to Fish Oil

SALT LAKE CITY, March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Schiff Nutrition International, Inc. announced today that MegaRed® Omega-3 Krill Oil is gaining in popularity and quickly becoming the premier alternative to fish oil for consumers looking to increase their Omega-3 fatty acid intake.

"MegaRed® is rapidly becoming the choice for consumers who want Omega-3 fatty acids but do not want to hassle with the large pills, purity concerns, and the unpleasant aftertaste associated with traditional fish oil supplements. Consumers know that MegaRed®, which uses krill oil instead of fish oil, has advantages and benefits unmatched by fish oil. That is why consumers are so pleased with MegaRed®," said Dr. Luke Bucci, a certified clinical nutritionist and VP of Research at Schiff Nutrition.

MegaRed, which comes in small red softgels, provides an optimal combination of Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, and critical antioxidants. Unlike fish oil, MegaRed's Omega-3 fatty acids are absorbed and carried to the body's cells in phospholipid form. Phospholipids form the structural basis of cell membranes, so MegaRed's Omega-3 fatty acids are easily recognized, incorporated and utilized by the body. MegaRed's phospholipids are the reason that MegaRed® does not have a fishy aftertaste.

MegaRed® is made from Antarctic krill – tiny shrimp-like crustaceans that live in the pristine waters of the Antarctic. Because krill are at the bottom of the food chain and have relatively short life spans, they do not accumulate toxin levels that would raise concerns. Additionally, MegaRed® krill is harvested using sustainable practices that avoid other marine species such as penguins, whales, seals and other fish.

Schiff® routinely tests MegaRed® for purity, potency, microbiological contamination, and heavy metal contamination. Product that does not meet Schiff's exacting quality standards is rejected. Schiff® also requires its supplier Aker BioMarine to certify that all material meets or exceeds Schiff's® specifications. Any krill oil that falls short of specifications is rejected. Unlike other krill oil manufacturers and processors that may purchase krill on the open market, Aker BioMarine controls the manufacturing process from harvesting krill on company owned boats to delivering Schiff® the finished krill oil. These efforts, as well as Schiff's purity, freshness, and labeled potency guarantee, allow consumers to be confident in the quality of Schiff'® MegaRed® Omega-3 Krill Oil.

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