Science Proves the Superiority of Cape cod Biolabs' Delivery System: 'Bio-Shield® Technology

It’s the “berry best”: the clinical success of a Cranberry Nutraceutical called CRAN-MAX® Supplement is proof.

What if you had spent decades developing how to combine all of the very best parts of the scientifically proven-healthy cranberry – and then defined and refined the technology that would create the very best possible delivery system to ensure both maximum potency and maximum bioavailability? You would have just solved the significant problem of the nutrients found in herbs and fruits not making it through stomach acids and not getting absorbed into our systems enough to be beneficial. In fact, you would have just invented the patent-pending BIO-SHIELD® Technology, a superior method of delivering nutrients into the body as proven in scientific studies performed with cranberries. That’s exactly what brothers David and Douglas Mann, owners of Cape Cod Biolab Corporation and leaders in the nutraceutical industry, have spent their lives doing.

The BIO-SHIELD® Technology is so unique and so superior in both its protective and delivery abilities (as proven in clinical tests) that a patent has been issued and many new patentable issues are now pending. BIO-SHIELD® technology, in short, is a revolutionary new way to ensure a successful, stable, potent delivery of the maximum amount of nutrients or bioactives in fruits and herbs. The name itself implies its successful action.

The BIO-SHIELD® process not only delivers nutrients exactly where they need to go over a sustained period of time, but it enhances the absorption of the bioactives. Clinically speaking, the BIO-SHIELD® Process is a natural coating that is used to facilitate the absorption of the intact bioavailable anthocyanins and proanthocyanins. This all-natural matrix protects these active ingredients of the fruit by delivering them past the stomach acids and prolonging their stability. Because the BIO-SHIELD® product is derived totally from a natural fruit constituency, it is able to limit the rate of acid degradation of the bioactives while simultaneously assisting with their absorption.

The Science Behind the Technology:
The key benefit of BIO-SHIELD®’s Matrix System is that it has successfully identified how to maintain the integrity of the key nutrients found in the berries – the anthocyanadins – to the glucose bond. This is of critical importance in that it allows the intact nutrients to be passed into the lower gastrointestinal tract where they then can be absorbed by the bloodstream and utilized by the body. This key action of absorption and metabolism has been investigated and demonstrated by Tsuda et al (studies available upon request) because of the fact that anthocyanadins are insoluble in water ,and if ingested in their non-glycosolated state, they cannot be readily absorbed. On the other hand, those anthocyanins possessing the bound sugars will be water soluble, allowing the body to convert these hydrated anthocyanins into anthocyanidins at the ultimate site of action.

The success of the BIO-SHIELD® Delivery System is best exemplified in the most potent cranberry supplement on the market today, CRAN-MAX®. Doug Mann’s pioneering efforts in cranberry nutraceuticals helped to publicize the health benefits of cranberries, and were instrumental in convincing researchers to conduct clinical studies to support the efficacy of their product. All of their hard work, a testimony to their commitment and integrity in spreading the good word about cranberries, is helping. The pilot study was conducted by urologist Dr. Ronald Wheeler who studied 38 women (with no control group) with very promising results. More studies are underway now in France, Finland and the United States. From the findings of these clinicals, Mann states, “the dosage efficacy of CRAN-MAX® to be 500 mg per day to maintain a healthy urinary tract.”

All Cape Cod Biolab’s products use the whole fruit – the fruit solids, seeds, skins and concentrated juices – to maintain the full, concentrated and synergistic spectrum of each fruit or herb. The unique and patented manufacturing process uses all natural full spectrum whole fruits and herbs with NO chemical solvents or unnatural excipients.

The positive health applications created by BIO-SHIELD® Technology are far-reaching, and product line extensions are under development right now. In addition to the mighty cranberry, Cape Cod Biolab will be offering other high quality, high potency formulas utilizing their patented process on other berries. Look for BLUE-MAX® (Blueberry), ELDER-MAXTM (Elderberry), BIL-MAX® (Bilberry), SAW-MAX® (Saw Palmetto), EYE-MAX® (a combination of BLUE-MAX® and BIL-MAX® with Lutein), and others to be available in fine health food stores, on the internet, and direct from the company.

Cape Cod Biolab is making their products available in both easy-to-take capsule form and as a powder to be used in other formulas throughout the health industry, thus creating enormous potential health benefits for millions. For copies of the studies and for further information, please contact Cape Cod Organics at 1-888 472-2275 and visit

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