ScienceBased Health's HydroEye(R) Awarded U.S Patent

CARSON CITY, Nev., Feb. 11 -- ScienceBased Health, a provider of nutraceuticals for eye health, today announced that it has been awarded a patent (US patent number 6,506,412) for its nutraceutical product, HydroEye. HydroEye is an oral formulation that helps to relieve dry eye discomfort.

The patent, issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office, covers claims relating to HydroEye's unique formulation, which features a proprietary blend of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and other key nutrients that work together to maintain a healthy tear film and alleviate dry eye discomfort.

"My research has shown that HydroEye substantially increases levels of lactoferrin, a protective protein found in tears," said Frank Bucci, Jr., MD, ophthalmologist specializing in LASIK and cataract surgery. "I frequently use HydroEye in my practice and recommend it to many of my LASIK patients with dry eyes."

According to the American Optometric Association, 59 million Americans suffer from symptoms associated with dry eye. Factors affecting dry eye include aging, peri- and post-menopausal side effects, contact lens wear, dry environments and laser vision surgery. HydroEye is an alternate choice for many dry eye sufferers who prefer HydroEye's oral form of alleviating dryness to other means, such as eye drops, which offer temporary relief and need to be administered many times per day.

"ScienceBased Health prides itself on being on the forefront of science and innovation," said David Hanabusa, CEO of ScienceBased Health. "The HydroEye patent supports our commitment to continually develop state-of-the-art nutraceuticals for eye health and recognizes HydroEye's unique approach in alleviating dry eye discomfort."

About ScienceBased Health

ScienceBased Health, a privately held company founded in 1997, develops and markets nutraceuticals for eye health. The Company is financially backed by Aragon Ventures, a venture capital firm in Menlo Park, California. ScienceBased Health's formulations are created by leading physicians and researchers and are based on the latest scientific findings. The Company developed HydroEye(R), a patented, oral formulation for dry eyes, OculaRx(R), a comprehensive formula for eyes and overall body health, MaculaRx Plus(TM), a powerful nutritional formula for those concerned about preserving macular health, and other high quality products to support eye health. ScienceBased Health's products are recommended by thousands of ophthalmologists and eye care practitioners. For more information contact ScienceBased Health at 888-433-4726 or visit

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