Scientific Food Solutions licenses Comforteze to IntraFem

Scientific Food Solutions licenses Comforteze to IntraFem

Scientific Food Solutions, LLC (SFS) has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with IntraFem for the use of Comforteze with a probiotic.

Scientific Food Solutions, LLC (SFS) has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with IntraFem for the use of Comforteze® with a probiotic. The product, FloraFem is slated to launch in June and will be available at

Comforteze is formulated by Scientific Food Solutions, LLC using natural, low lead, USP grade calcium carbonate, vitamin C and other alkalizing agents, utilizing a unique patent pending process. This acid-reducing product combines natural ingredients to deliver superior neutralization of acids and increased bio-absorption of nutrients, comforting the digestive system and assisting in maintaining a proper body pH. It has a pH of 9.5 and not only reduces stomach acid, but also increases the pH of the blood, which reduces overall body acidity. Since many people with acidity problems are vitamin C deficient, small amounts of neutralized vitamin C are included. Comfort Eze uses the highest quality USP grade, low-lead, ultra white calcium carbonate well within Proposition 65 guidelines.

“Digestive health has become an extremely important product category in the US,” said Scientific Food Solutions President Gretchen Reece. “We are very pleased to be working with IntraFem on what will undoubtedly prove to be very popular with consumers.”

Scientific Food Solution’s flagship product is another important nutrient that the company has made more palatable to help consumers use it more comfortably: FAST-C™. FAST-C is a premium, faster absorbing and well-retained vitamin C ingredient which has been the subject of two US-based double blind, randomized crossover clinical trials. FAST-C utilizes a unique, patent-pending composition that provides a buffered and 90%+ acid neutralized vitamin C, delivering this vital nutrient with greater speed and excellent retention in an easily tolerated formulation that fosters greater consumer compliance. FAST-C contains BioPerineâ, the patented bioavailability enhancement ingredient from Sabinsa Corporation, through a semi-exclusive licensing agreement. FAST-C received Nutrition Business Journal’s 2009 Scientific Achievement Award, and was one of three finalists for the coveted 2010 NutrAward for the Best New Ingredient.

About Scientific Food Solutions, LLC

Scientific Food Solutions, LLC is a nutritional bioactive innovation and research company that focuses upon applications for dietary supplement, conventional and functional food and beverage, and over the counter drug applications. The company’s bioactives are the product of patent pending compositions and independently validated clinical studies conducted in the USA. Scientific Food Solutions’ mission is to innovate and commercialize natural bioactives with specific, confidence-inspiring science, delivering safe and reproducible results that support the end consumers’ desire for enhanced health, function, and wellness. Scientific Food Solutions, located in Northern California, has been in operation since 2002.

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