Scientific Lecture at SupplySide West: 'Tocotrienol-Rich Tocomin® - The Natural Vitamin E for Brain Health'

Carotech Inc, the first and leading supplier of natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex in the world, is proud to announce a scientific lecture by Professor Chandan Sen, Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Medicine and Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery at the Ohio State University Medical Center, at the Scientific Education Sessions of the SupplySide West International Trade Show and Conference 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The lecture entitled “Tocotrienol-Rich Tocomin®– The Natural Vitamin E for Brain Health”, is scheduled from 12 noon to 12.50pm on September 29th 2004 (Wednesday) in room 701-702 of the lower level of the Venetian Hotel.

"TOCOMIN® Natural Full Spectrum Palm Tocotrienol Complex is a highly potent neuroprotective form of vitamin E. The tocotrienol crosses the blood-brain barrier and protects neurons from glutamate-induced neurodegeneration. Glutamate-induced oxidative stress and toxicity represents a major event in stroke, ALS and several other neurodegenerative disorders,” stated Sen. “Our results showed that nanomolar amounts of tocotrienol, but not alpha-tocopherol (the regular vitamin E) or any other antioxidant tested, blocked glutamate induced neuron death.”

Another interesting breakthrough from this laboratory is the fact that when pregnant rats were orally supplemented with TOCOMIN®, tocotrienol levels in the mother and fetal brain increased by 5- and 20-fold, respectively. High-density microarray studies were performed to identify vitamin E sensitive genes in neurons.

“We are proud to be associated with this NIH-funded study as it further solidifies Carotech’s position as the leading supplier of natural full spectrum tocotrienol complex (TOCOMIN®) in the world,” stated WH Leong, Vice President of Carotech Inc.

Carotech Inc, headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, is the first and leading supplier of natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex in the world, under the registered tradename TOCOMIN® and natural palm mixed carotene complex – CAROMIN®. Carotech Inc., has also recently been awarded US Patent for a Bio-Enhanced Tocotrienol System, which increases the absorption of tocotrienols by 200-300%.

TOCOMIN® and CAROMIN® are available various forms – oil suspension, DC Grade Beadlets and CWS Powder.

For further information on Carotech’s TOCOMIN®/CAROMIN® products visit us at the SupplySide West 04, Booth No : 1745 or visit or

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