Sciona Appoints Roy Whitfield to Board of Directors

Genomics Industry Leader Lends Vast Experience to Sciona's
Rapid Commercialization of Personalized Genetic Information

BOULDER, Colo., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Sciona, an international, privately held biotechnology company and a world leader in the development and commercialization of personalized genetic information, named Roy Whitfield to its board of directors and appointed him chairman of the company's Science and Business Advisory Board.

"With the recent successful launch and uptake of the Cellf(TM) test in the U.S., Sciona is bringing genomics directly to consumers, empowering them to make better nutritional and lifestyle decisions," said Whitfield. "I believe a significant and early component of the commercial promise of genomic technologies will be realized in the field of nutrigenomics, and Sciona is demonstrating that."

As a Sciona board member, Whitfield will focus on public policy, intellectual property and business development issues. Whitfield brings over 20 years of management and governance experience in the biotechnology industry. Most recently, Whitfield served as CEO and Chairman of Incyte Corporation, a genomics company he co-founded in 1991. Incyte pioneered the commercialization of high throughput and information technology in pharmaceutical and medical research. At Incyte, Whitfield executed the first genomics initial public offering (IPO) and later raised over $700 million in financing. Whitfield received the 1997 Northern California Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Life Sciences and the 1996 Best of Biotech Award for Most Creative and Significant Strategic Alliances. Whitfield's governance experience includes the boards of Incyte Corporation, Nektar Therapeutics, Aurora Biosciences and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO).

"Mr. Whitfield's industry experience and vision will be of great benefit to Sciona as we rapidly bring to consumers technologies and applications he brought to the pharmaceutical industry," said James Bruce, president and CEO of Sciona.

Sciona recently concluded its Series C financing. Burrill and Company led the round, which also included investors Prelude Trust, DSM Venturing, BASF Venture Capital Gmbh and Bioventures, Inc.

Sciona develops DNA tests for identified genes that can affect changes in lifestyle and wellness choices. These nutritional genetic tests serve as the basis for providing personalized, science-based health and lifestyle advice to consumers. Sciona develops the Cellf(TM) nutritional genetic test, which provides consumers with nutritional guidelines -- based on individual genetic profiles and lifestyle -- to empower individuals to make better health
decisions. The Cellf kit includes tests for genetic variations that influence health conditions such as insulin sensitivity, detoxification, heart and bone health, and inflammation. To date, more than 10,000 consumers have chosen to access the personalized Cellf test information.

In addition to its direct consumer channel, Sciona collaborates with large food, nutritional supplement and functional food companies in the development and commercialization of personalized genetic information useful to consumers of their proprietary nutritional products. In so doing, these companies intend to greatly increase product effectiveness by introducing unparalleled product personalization.

Cellf is a trademark of Sciona Ltd.

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