Sciona Ltd Relocates to Boulder From U.K., Hires James Bruce as CEO

BOULDER, Colo., Jan 24, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Sciona, an international, privately held biotechnology company and a world leader in the area of genetic personalization, has named Boulder businessman James (Jim) Bruce as CEO. Additionally, the company has moved its headquarters from the United Kingdom to Boulder, Colo.

Sciona researches and develops DNA screens for common gene variants that affect an individual's response to food, medications and the environment. These genetic screens serve as the basis for providing consumers personalized, science-based health and lifestyle advice and can help companies customize personal care and nutrition products. Sciona's field of genetic personalization is a rapidly growing discipline aimed at creating products and services tailored to an individual's genetic makeup.

Bruce brings extensive experience in the health and pharmaceutical industries, most recently as president and CEO of Madous, Inc., a global pharmaceutical/nutraceutical company. Previously, he held the same positions at CV Technologies, an early stage drug discovery enterprise, and at Natrix International, Inc., the mass-market subsidiary of Amrion, Inc. Prior to those posts, he was a successful marketing consultant and international business development manager, working extensively in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Sciona's former CEO, Dr. Chris Martin, is now the company's chairman of the board. He will continue to reside in the U.K.

Sciona selected office space at 1401 Walnut St., in Boulder, Colo. The company will employ a dozen people in Boulder and additional staff in the U.K., Italy and the United States, including a research and development lab on the Yale University campus. Several of Sciona's U.K. staff members will relocate to Boulder, including Chief Technology Officer and founding executive Dr. Rosalynn Gill-Garrison, who leads research and development activities. Her academic background includes earning a doctorate and pursuing postdoctoral work on mechanisms of carcinogenesis, as well as postdoctoral work on DNA damage and repair.

"Everyone at Sciona is looking forward to operating in the heart of the nutrigenomics industry. This region presents unique opportunities to strengthen Sciona's business relationships, product development and strategic efforts," Bruce said.

Sciona also provides research facilities and services for manufacturers interested in analyzing particular product ingredients or environmental factors as they relate to the normal genetic variations found in healthy individuals. This type of research makes it possible to greatly increase product effectiveness by introducing unparalleled product personalization.

Currently, Sciona's products center on the Cellf(TM) genetic screen that gives consumers nutritional guidelines -- based on individual genetic profiles -- to support continued good health. Sciona plans to aggressively market its products and services, which will include genetic screens in the areas of heart health, bone health, antioxidants and detoxification, immune response and insulin sensitivity, in the United States. Future products will include skin care and sports performance genetic screens.

For more information about Sciona, visit or call 303-442-4300.

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