Senator Harkin Tours U.S. Nutraceuticals New Supercritical Plant

Eustis, Florida - Senator Thomas Harkin (D-Iowa) recently visited the new supercritical fluid extraction facility being commissioned by Florida-based U.S. Nutraceuticals. Fred Gregg, Jr., company founder and CEO conducted the tour for Senator Harkin. "We were honored to have the Senator see first hand how our new operation delivers nutraceutical ingredients that are essentially value-added versions of nature's health promoting botanicals and nutraceuticals," stated Gregg.

The Senator noted the new supercritical extraction facility embodies the type of venture holding bright promise for the future of the American dietary supplement industry. During his tour Senator Harkin pointed to the absence of toxic residues in the U.S. Nutraceuticals supercritical fluid extracts. "The American people want products they can rely upon. The type of facility and process being implemented by U.S. Nutraceuticals is really the cutting edge technology that will give Americans pure, wholesome ingredients," noted Senator Harkin.

The U.S. Nutraceuticals facility is the only ultra-high pressure supercritical fluid facility of its kind in the world, dedicated solely to production of ingredients utilized in the functional food and nutraceutical industries.

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