Seniors + Vitamins = Higher Quality of Life

Senior activity rooms are filled with more talking, more laughter, and even more happiness –so, what is going on at the senior centers in Riverside, California? Vitamins. Just vitamins. To most people, vitamins are just simple tablets, but to the 1,000 seniors participating in a pilot program called Vitamin Relief USA Senior Support™ the free Centrum® vitamins they receive are changing their lives.

In a recent survey, these seniors are crediting improvements in their health, energy levels, physical activity, sleeping and eating habits, concentration, emotions, and self-esteem to the free daily vitamins they received through Vitamin Relief USA Senior Support™ program. The seniors further reported decreases in seasonal illnesses, pain and depression since starting the vitamin program. But that’s not all, 69% of the seniors reported they now take a more active role in their overall well-being. “I do have more pep and energy. I feel much better, and I can take better care of myself because of the extra energy,” says 79-year-old Dorothy Bevers of Riverside.

The staff at the senior centers of the Riverside YMCA and RiversideParks and Recreation Department has noticed these same improvements; – 61% reported the seniors have more energy and 55% said they noticed that seniors had higher self-esteem. Also, staff observed that seniors in the vitamin program seem to have grown closer as a group and participate more in activities. “Seniors are more active in the walking program and other activities we offer them. The vitamin program has brought more seniors together,” says Frank Garcia of RiversideParks and Recreation.

“We are excited about these wonderful results. We sincerely thank Wyeth Consumer Healthcare for their generous donation of a one-year supply of Centrum™ vitamins which makes this pilot program for seniors possible,” shares

Vitamins + Seniors = Higher Quality of Life

Hyla Cass, MD, president of Vitamin Relief USA™. “They believed in our vision for seniors and backed it up with support, and we are grateful,” states Dr. Cass.

With only six months of the one-year pilot program completed, this unprecedented success has not gone unnoticed. Vitamin Relief USA Senior Support™ was just awarded the first-ever “Celebrating Seniors Award” from the Senior Friendly Communities of America (SFCA). “Seniors who are not receiving proper nutritional supplements become depressed and eventually physically ill. A good daily multi-vitamin serves to promote well-being and stave off illness. With this in mind, Vitamin Relief USA Senior Support™ is a major contributor to the over-all health of low-income seniors in Riverside, California, ” says SFCA president, William Timmons.

In fact, according to Mayor Ronald O. Loverage of Riverside, the Vitamin Relief USA Senior Support™ pilot program not only has helped seniors, but the city as well. “I am delighted that the Vitamin Relief USA Senior Support™ pilot program is such a great success for seniors in Riverside. It has also been a key program in recognition of the City of Riverside as a HealthyCity,” says Mayor Loveridge.

Plans are now underway to expand this valuable program for seniors to a major national initiative. “Our goal is to do for at-risk seniors what we have done for at-risk children,” states Michael Morton, Executive Director of Vitamin Relief USA. “Through private/public partnerships, donations and sponsorships, our Vitamin Relief USA Children First™ program provides daily multivitamins to over 15,000 children at risk for malnutrition and nutrient deficiency at over 370 collaborative distribution sites in 40 states,” says Morton.

Vitamin Relief USA™ is a program of The Healthy Foundation™ is a tax-exempt, non-profit foundation committed to improving the health status of at-risk children and adults through vitamin supplementation. To support The Healthy Foundation and Vitamin Relief USA, or for further information, please call toll free 877-935-5348 or log onto

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