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Sensoril® Wins Golden Egg Award(TM) for Most Innovative Bulk Ingredient

July 27, 2005 -- Brattleboro, Vermont--NutraGenesis ( is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious GOLDEN EGG AWARD for the Most Innovative Bulk Ingredient of 2004 by Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc. The award was presented at last weeks 8th annual NBJ/Newport Summit, a retreat for leaders in the nutrition and natural products industry. The Golden Egg Awards are presented annually to an ingredient supplier and a consumer brand that have launched the most ground-breaking products of the year in the nutraceutical product category.

Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc. president Greg Horn awarded NutraGenesis LLC, marketers of Sensoril®, with the 2004 Golden Egg Award for the most innovative bulk ingredient. “We chose Sensoril® because it provides a sound nutritional solution to an important health issue many of us face on a daily basis…stress.”

“We at NutraGenesis are extremely honored to be the recipient of the Golden Egg Award for the most innovative new bulk ingredient,” says Suzanne McNeary, president of NutraGenesis. “Sensoril® is an exciting ingredient because it possesses all the key components required to be a market superstar. It is an all-natural nutraceutical ingredient designed to help the body cope with the effects of stress, tension and fatigue. Sensoril’s essential attributes include a well defined chemical composition; multiple U.S. Patents; substantiated structure and function claims for heart health, mental cognition, stress, energy, glucose release and weight management; an excellent safety profile; and human clinical research which supports the health benefits associated with the product,” concludes McNeary.

Sensoril® was judged against several other commercially available ingredients using strict criteria including safety, proven efficacy in humans, addressing meaningful health issues, protected intellectual property and economic viability.

About NutraGenesis, LLC.

NutraGenesis is a diversified product marketing company dedicated to the development and commercialization of proprietary, scientifically researched, health-promoting ingredients. NutraGenesis merges advanced nutritional technology with exceptional marketing skills to create novel nutraceutical ingredients designed to excel in the dietary supplement and food and beverage marketplaces.

For More Information Contact:

Clover Burns
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