Sensoril(TM) Anti-Stress Nutraceutical Receives Second U.S. Patent

May 13, 2004 NutraGenesis of Brattleboro, VT is pleased to announce that Sensoril™ the proprietary anti-stress nutraceutical marketed exclusively by the company as a bulk ingredient has received its second United States patent # 6,713,092 issued March 30, 2004. The patent covers both the composition and method for obtaining the composition for pharmaceutical, nutritional and personal care applications. Sensoril™ was invented by Fullbright Scholar Dr. Shibnath Ghosal and the assignee of the patent is New Jersey based Natreon, Inc.

Sensoril™ is derived from the Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). The patented extraction process and the composition it yields provides a new and improved extract which contains all the desired bioactives in optimized concentrations and ratios in order to provide optimal health and anti-stress benefits associated with Ashwagandha. Sensoril™ contains a minimum of 8% withanolides the known actives which are responsible for the reputed anti-stress properties of the plant. This high concentration of actives, the highest on the market today has one of the lowest costs per daily dose of any Ashwagandha extract and the product is the only U.S. patented ingredient derived from Ashwagandha on the market to date.

Sensoril™ has been substantiated for structure function claims in the areas of stress, anti-aging, antioxidant, mental cognition, adaptogenic and immune support. The use of multi-patented Sensoril™ in formulations allows marketers to enjoy heightened proprietary status for their products.

Several major U.S. marketers of dietary supplements have launched or are in the process of launching formulations which incorporate Sensoril™.

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