Seventh annual Vitafoods set for Geneva 11-13 May

Vitafoods International
When: 11?13 May, 2004
Where: Geneva Palexpo, Switzerland
This year?s exhibition will see more than 300 industry players showing the latest innovations in nutraceuticals, as well as the most recent research findings.

Leading industry players such as Cognis, Lipid Nutrition, EPO srl, ADN, Swiss Caps, Glanbia and Cardinal Health will be showing a diverse range of ingredient products, from dietary supplements to animal source substances and botanical extracts, natural medicines, health products and services. For 2004, the show?s international presence has increased, with exhibitors from China, South Korea, the Americas, Africa and the Caribbean.

Focusing on innovation, the New Products Zone will showcase the latest industry developments. Here Delta Developments will be presenting a new antioxidant found in fruits and plants. Biodream Rosa Fruit Crystals contain a large amount of effective SOD and are available in crystal powder form. Also from Delta Developments is the Biodream Agaricus Blazei, a unique mushroom with a high amount of beta-glucan.

VSI will be launching a range of bars with health benefits, whilst Soft Gel Europe will be introducing Injuv, an internal skin care nutrient that purports to revitalize skin at the cellular level using hyaluronic acid. Xlim is a new drink from Plantextrakt that the company says can help control weight gain through an innovative nutritional concept, and Best on Health will be launching two new products that offer natural therapy relief from menstrual pain and haemorrhoids.

Chiral Chemicals will be presenting Coenzyme Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, a new therapeutic approach to Parkinson?s disease, and Kemin will be unveiling its range of products that comply with the new EU GMO directive. ADM Natural Health and Nutrition will be highlighting its ingredients, including key products such as Novasoy soy isoflavones and Vitamin E 230 Clear. Cognis will be showcasing Tonalin CLA alongside the company?s ranges of natural-source antioxidants, phytosterols, speciality lipids and botanical extracts.

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