Shaklee Corporation Introduces a Breakthrough Hair Care System For People With Fine and Thinning Hair

New, Natural, Clinically-Proven Hair Care Line Reverses Damage, Adds Volume

PLEASANTON, Calif., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Fine and thinning hair is an increasing concern for both men and women, especially with so many factors -- stress, chemical processing, and poor nutrition -- contributing to the problem. In response to the millions of consumers looking for a way to maintain or restore their hair's vitality, Shaklee Corporation introduces ProSante(TM), a clinically proven hair care line that consists of a special scalp treatment, two shampoos, two conditioners and a finishing spray.

With common physical and environmental stresses often leaving healthy hair dull and lifeless, ProSante helps to reverse visible damage and keep hair "awake" and vital. Independent testing has shown that the ProSante line dramatically thickens hair and reduces hair loss due to breakage from combing, resulting in a thicker and fuller head of hair.

"There has been such a huge demand among women, not just men, for a solution to fine and thinning hair," said Jim Greene, Vice President of Research and Development at Shaklee Corporation. "ProSante fulfills that need and also delivers thicker and healthier hair that has more body, making it easy to manage everyday."

In clinical studies, 65 percent of users of the ProSante system experienced a reduction of hair loss during combing, 73 percent saw a reduction in the number of broken hairs and 61 percent of subjects noticed an increase in hair thickness in 90 days.

ProSante is a patent-pending system of six hair care products that each contains Scalp Health Complex(TM), a proprietary synergy of 10 vitamins, minerals and herbs to help maximize derma availability of vital nutrients and revitalize the scalp and hair. The ProSante hair care system consists of:

-- Nourishing Scalp Treatment improves the condition of the scalp to foster healthy hair growth.
-- Revitalizing Shampoo removes build-up and dirt and restores the shine and luster of naturally healthy hair.
-- Lightweight Conditioner reduces cuticle cracks, mends split ends and replenishes moisture.
-- Purifying Shampoo deeply cleanses the hair to remove build-up from styling products without stripping them of their natural moisture.
-- Replenishing Conditioner helps rebuild hair strength and elasticity with an extra boost of moisture, and restores manageability to unruly hair.
-- Long-Lasting Finishing Spray provides a natural, long-lasting hold and added UV protection without stiffening the hair.

ProSante, which is suitable for all hair types, contains a proprietary mix of ingredients that provide vital, derma-available nutrition to ensure healthy, shiny and manageable hair. The hair care system is absolutely non-stripping and safe for daily use for damaged, permed, or color-treated hair. It is clinically formulated, dermatologist and allergy tested, and contains non-irritating formulas. Shaklee does not conduct tests on animals. The product line ranges in price from $13.50 to $30.00. To find out how to order, call Shaklee at 1-800-SHAKLEE or visit

About Shaklee

Shaklee Corporation is a diversified health and wellness consumer products company that for 45 years has been developing scientifically tested, environmentally-friendly products which include nutritional and herbal supplements, personal care products, home water treatment systems and household cleaners. Founded in 1956, Shaklee is involved in all phases of its product development, from research to manufacturing, and sells directly to independent distributors throughout the U.S. The company is based in Pleasanton, California. For more information, visit

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