Hints of things to come
Traceability is the new mantra for ingredients buyers.

— Bill Poutray of Poutray, Pekar, Stella advertising agency

"Recently, our country has had a series of export food problems, and that has triggered a lot of overseas attention about China's food safety. This has put us on high alert, and led us to seriously look into the reasons for the problem."

— Wei Chuanzhong, deputy director of China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine

Eat American!

— bumper sticker seen in Boulder, Colorado

"There is so much potential in Russia to become a major ingredients supplier to rival the output of China even. Take herbs for instance — Siberia is an herb bread- basket that could develop into a strong export industry very quickly if the right commercial interests got involved there."

— Gregory Temkin, president of New York-based export and certification company, Russian Standard

"The health and wellness industry is experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime significant opportunity — a perfect storm: scientific breakthroughs plus demographics plus unmet health and medical needs plus market awareness."

— James S Tonkin, CEO, BrainSavers.

A phase 3 clinical trial of Tishcon's LiQ-Nol (co-Q10), funded by a grant from the US FDA under the Orphan Drug Act, is set to begin at three centres in the US and one centre in Canada, testing for efficacy in young patients suffering from various Mitchondrial Cytophathies. Orphan Drug designation is seen as a way of further legitimizing the ingredient in the mainstream medical establishment.

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