Smart for Life awarded organic certification

Smart for Life(R) has been awarded Organic Certification for its new Cranberry Granola Square from Quality Certification Services, a USDA National Organic Program.

Smart for Life(R), the trailblazing company featuring weight management products including the cookie diet, has been awarded Organic Certification for its new Cranberry Granola Square from Quality Certification Services, a USDA National Organic Program. After a meticulous and complicated review, QCS certified the Cranberry Granola Square organic and warrants that it is in full compliance with the organic standards set by the USDA National Organic Program.

"Due to the complex nature of our products, organic certification was a very difficult process, but with persistence and help from our great research team, we have created another great-tasting product with the benefit of organic certification," said Dr. Sasson Moulavi, M.D., founder of Smart for Life(R). "Our products have always been made with mostly organic ingredients, but the certification will take us to the next level as we brand and market appropriately to the public. Continuing in 2011, our plans are to have more products organically certified in order to satisfy consumer demands."

Organic products have been gaining popularity due to the poor-quality food system, including foods filled with toxins, growth hormones and pesticides. Organic Certified products do not allow any of these additives, therefore making them a better, cleaner and possibly healthier choice for the consumer.

"I have long believed that much of the increasing rates of cancer and disease are related to toxins making their way into our food system. Organic ingredients and products help reduce or eliminate these toxins from entering you body. I fully believe that eating mostly organic is of great benefit to people's health," said Dr. Sass.

Organic foods also reduce environmental impact and are better for the planet overall. Organic farmers tend to build soil, protect and preserve seeds, and lead innovative research to minimize impact on the environment.

In a recent study, Smart for Life(R) clients were able to lose on average 13.5 pounds in one month. Their appetites were suppressed while they ate Smart for Life(R) products including cookies, soups, shakes, cupcakes, bagel chips, and more.

Smart for Life(R) cookies are made without toxic preservatives and include a proprietary Super Fiber blend known as HeroFiber(TM). HeroFiber(TM) is also used in a drink its sister company Better Health Beverage launched called underWAY(TM). Many people use the cookies not just for weight loss but as a healthy meal replacement that is easy, convenient and actually costs less than they currently spend on food.

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